Summer Weekly Recap 11

Durarara x2 22


And we’re back! Ikebukuro’s gang conflicts are escalating and Ryugamine seems to be stuck in the middle of it all. He has turned the Dollars into a white knight group trying to protect everybody and prevent the Dollars from being mislabeled. I compare the Dollars to the internet because of the many different types of groups within the gang and the anonymity. Durarara has played with group mentality quite a bit, and I think it succeeds at showing how unique people come together creating cliques. These cliques influence the people within them, sometimes to extreme measures. Some of the characters within Durarara identify with the group so much, they lose their own individuality. Despite how unique each character is they still are swallowed up by the masses, and the whole psychology behind mob mentalities is fascinating. Though Durarara doesn’t display much of the science behind the idea, it is still somewhat interesting to follow a narrative based around the theme.

Rokka: Brave of the Six Flowers 11


Why doesn’t the rest of the show look like this shot?

One episode from the end of the season and Adlet is finally cleared from suspicion. The show definitely sets out to promote the light novel and refuses to come to its own conclusive end. Unless Rokka gets another season, our heroes won’t step more than one foot into the fiend’s territory. It’s such a shame because I find the varying environment backgrounds and cultures to be one of Rokka’s strengths. The story presentation and action just don’t hold up though. The weak mystery plot of Rokka was all explained in 10 minutes by Adlet and I find myself more entertained by the ridiculous love square being built. If the relationship between Flamie and Adlet can kickoff so can the Nachetania and Goldov jealousy train. The CG infested fights are just so lackluster compared to today’s standards I have a hard time feeling any excitement. With weak character building and similar scuffles I find it hard to attach myself to anything in Rokka. And to end it all, this episode concluded with an unsatisfying cliffhanger.

Overlord 11


Overlord continues on with its switching from random skeletal overlord brutality to excessive kowtowing to Momonga. This episode also had a lot of game aspects thrown in to remind the audience they are within a MMO, but the real draw was Momonga’s remorse over his created NPC, Pandora’s Actor. These scenes reminded me of when I would use a ridiculous username like XxShadowxX back in my Maplestory days. I am of ashamed of it and identify with Momonga’s plea to his past self to be a little less embarrassing. Too bad I don’t have a sexualized servant who wishes to handle my every need and begs for me to rule over them indefinitely.

Prison School 10


Prison School starts off with the prisoners giving up on not being expelled and the somber mood is reflected in Gakuto’s insanity and deflated humor. Dreaming about the wet t-shirt contest in the winter, they wallow in self pity. When the show strays away from the power of friendship and making miracles happen, I find it hard to cheer for the boy’s cause. In the end they are just perverted teenagers and the show makes sure to remind us of the fact. I actually think the rampant fan service is the weakest point of the show, because it detracts from the humor of the outrageous scenarios. Prison School’s fan service is more on the creepy side rather than the fun side, and it puts me on edge whenever I watch it. It doesn’t help I consider the vice president’s design a little repulsive, but at least this episode had the most famous scene from Prison School, the boobs or ass man. Though not as hilarious as the first time when I read the manga, just the sheer absurdity of the situation and how Kiyoshi discovered his solution is enough to make one tear up.

Gangsta 10


After missing a week of Gangsta for a recap episode, I was hoping for top notch production. Manglobe fails to deliver with an episode full of characters off model and animation from the 1980s. Even the cinematography, which has elevated this show to be my favorite of the season, seems to be missing from this episode. The pacing slowed down and there was extensive exposition rather than visual storytelling which has been carrying Gangsta. The show has lost its finesse this week, and instead relies on anticipation of future events. Build up episodes are fine and can be used to augment the payoff in the big climax, but it still has to be entertaining in its own right. At least Gangsta still kept the groovy music I have come to enjoy.

God Eater ?


It’s okay, God Eaters can take a hit

I have never seen an airing show with so many production issues. I understand Ufotable has a high standard of animation, but this many delays is ridiculous. I wonder what they are doing with their time slot on Japanese television. The show already is difficult to stomach, and once the Fall shows start airing it will be hard for me to plan out a time to watch God Eater. I’m just going to drop the show and move on. There are too many quality anime to watch for me to waste my time meandering on a show I don’t like very much.


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