Summer Weekly Recap 10

Prison School 9


I’ve been having a lot of fun with Prison School lately. The focus has shifted from the comedy to the drama and conflict between the Underground Student Council and the prisoners. I enjoy the show a lot more when the comedy is splashed in there with the high tension ridiculous scenarios. Watching the arm wrestling matches play out with the irony of the vice president being distracted by Andre’s nipple hair. I have never seen such a magnificent chest hair described as artistry, and it helps that Prison School’s animation is great. The mirroring dilemma between Kiyoshi and the vice president shows how males and females aren’t that different.

 Rokka: Brave of the Six Flowers 10


This episode was full of many twists and turns which came out of nowhere. Suddenly Adlet is in love with Flamie and Nachetania is a yandere. Yes, Adlet protected Flamie to the end, but his personality wouldn’t allow any of his friends to be harmed for any reason. And for one who had his family bonds destroyed by other people, I am surprised he would treat love so immaturely. I almost hope Adlet is playing with Flamie’s feelings to survive. It would make more sense if his survival instincts just took over and he decided to be a jerk who is alive. Then there is the yandere princess who suddenly believed in everyone else over Adlet after being firmly in the other camp a second ago. That part doesn’t bother me much because people do it all the time, but the fact she went bat shit crazy doesn’t really fit her mold. In general, I just feel Rokka took a turn into the melodrama without any reason to.

Overlord 10


Ended up being an overview of what happened to Shalltear while Momonga was exploring and learning the new world. I’m indifferent toward this episode. The only purpose was to progress the plot and little else happened. The audience didn’t learn more about the game world like they usually do and no other new concepts were introduced to us. It didn’t even develop any of the existing characters other than showing Shalltears’ vampire mode. The only thing brought up was mind control, but it wasn’t prevalent until the end of the episode. Though I was impressed by the ridiculousness of the fights in Overlord this week. The man dying by being sucked into breasts and Shalltear’s monster form were fun to watch.

God Eater 7


God Eater continues to astound me with how dumb one can make every story element. In almost every scene, I question the character’s dialogue and actions. God Eater fails to pay attention to details and it makes the character’s say obvious things which shouldn’t be said at the time. Some obvious one in this episode is Lindow not telling Alisa and Renka the dangers of the trees BEFORE entering the forest, and Lindow walking back into the town with full confidence no one is in danger. The random conveniences supporting the plot doesn’t help either. Alisa randomly finding a similar or the same cabinet in which she hid in as a child. It doesn’t add to the drama, because it doesn’t change the situation at hand and it’s just ridiculous.

Gangsta 10 & Durarara 22


Sadly Gangsta has a recap episode this week which was numbered episode 1.5. I generally skip recap episodes because they don’t do anything for the show and are just there as filler to give the studio more time to release quality work. It would be a shame for the show to put out a poor episode because they don’t have the time. I don’t mind waiting an extra week if the quality of the next episode matches the rest of the series. As for Durarara, I haven’t heard anything about there not being an episode this week, but I wasn’t able to get a hold of copy. I assume they didn’t show anything this week for the same reasons as Manglobe with Gangsta.


3 thoughts on “Summer Weekly Recap 10

    • I have yet to see any recaps with enough content to actually entertain me so I stopped worrying about missing anything. I find it odd so many shows end up having recap episodes. One would think the animation studios would start planning for delays after years of experience. It’s especially boggling for short shows like Gangsta.

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      • Recap kinda ruined Gatchaman Crowds. The second to last episode was nothing but recap. The final episode didn’t make much sense unless you watch the OVA. If they had used that recap time to insert the OVA stuff all would have been well.

        What’s the big deal? The Western DVD releases do not contain the OVA…


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