Summer Weekly Recap 7

Overlord 7


Overlord continues with its light hearted fantasy adventures. Nphirea gets friend zoned, and find out about Momonnga’s other identity in the process. I enjoy how not all of the comedy isn’t based off of repetitive gags happening each episode. But the best part of this episode is Momonga becoming a Pokemon master and capturing a Raticate. The “Wise king of the Forest” being a large fluffy rat wasn’t something I expected and Overlord continues to surprise me with its unique MMO world building. I can easily imagine monsters like Hamsuke being created by whimsical game developers. Overlord is just a pleasant popcorn watch, and I gladly welcome any overpowered skeleton overlords in our world.

Prison School 6 


Sometimes I wonder if Prison School is a commentary on the new wave of feminism and how women and men are in the wrong on that front. I mean the women unjustly persecute the boys at times, but the boys also objectify the girls. But the show is too ridiculous with the fan service and gags for me to take this perspective on the show seriously. Especially when Prison School contains scenes where the characters are trying to pee on each other to get revenge. Madhouse’s purposeful awkward animation fits the uncomfortable content of the show, but I still think they could do a little more to amplify the comedic effect of some of the more mundane gags. Like the principal’s weird intonation, or the vice president’s sweat, but I guess they are primarily hindered by Prison School’s erotic content that cannot be shown through Japanese television. Maybe the uncensored version of the show will be more funny with its visuals.

God Eater 5


It’s official, God Eater is obnoxious to watch. God Eater doesn’t only just have the most generic characters and boring dialogue, but also has weak storytelling. This episode’s surprise ending credits after Lenka’s supposed death was a weak climax. Narrative tricks like this only work on the audience due to the surprise factor and the lack of build up into it. Ufotable attempted to contrast the brutality of the moment and the innocence of the child singing, but it didn’t pan out well because of what was happening on screen. It’s difficult for the Vajra to seem like a savage monster when it’s prey is stabbed and bloody, but still able to fight back. The ridiculousness of what Lenka could do downplayed the atmosphere Ufotable was going for. Lenka was supposed to be helpless, unable to accomplish anything against this relentless enemy. Instead he acted like a hero, able to overcome any wounds and attempting to save Alisa. Re-watching the show at a later date, scenes like these would have no impact. But God Eater even failed to succeed to keep me interested the first time. Instead of being riveted by Lenka’s death I was apathetic. During the credits sequence I was disinterested and wanted the story to move on to the next issue.

Durarara x2  19


Durarara has some interesting visuals sometimes, but it fails to explain anything through them. This episode in particular had the narrator explain the whole Hijiribe Ruri stalker mystery to us. I felt like there were no clues leading to this reveal, making it less satisfying to watch. But in a show as chaotic as Durarara, it is almost expected to have underwhelming climaxes. Climaxes can only emotionally stir viewers if they know what is going on and the stakes. Durarara failed to do so, and left their viewers in the dark. I shouldn’t have to read the light novels or read on Durarara’s wiki page to figure out what is going on. The show needs to be more clear in its presentation. It doesn’t help when they introduce new characters every episode either.

Rokka: Brave of the Six Flowers 7


Wishes for revenge are not endearing, and it is difficult to identify with characters with these motives. Not many people have gone on vendettas to relate with them. The parallel sob stories between Adlet and flamie wallows in melodrama because Rokka has yet to build my emotional investment in these characters as people. To make matters worse, the way the show portrays their stories is mundane. Passione is uninventive with their visuals creating lengthy scenes of plain exposition where the audience only sees alternating characters speaking. The only redeeming feature I found in this episode was actually effectiveness of the computer graphics. Cg art generally feels out of place within traditional japanese animation, but this same trait fit the eerie speaking fiend well.

Gangsta 7


Gangsta excels at the small character moments that brings their personalities life. Studio Manglobe understands less is more and it allows them to build powerful moments of emotion through excellent framing and resourceful exposition. Episode seven had several moments showcasing these boons such as the intimate shadows of Alex and Worick, and the image of Nicholas after his father left him. Both captivating in their own ways while showcasing the development of the characters. The audience understands how much closer Alex and Worick have become through their experiences, and find out how Nicholas has become so self destructive. Speaking of Nicholas’ self destructive tendencies, I feel so bad for Worick. He obviously cares deeply for Nicholas’ well being, but must have some extreme mixed feelings due to Nicholas killing his abusive father. Just trying to imagine what they have gone through brings me emotional pain, and makes me just want to comfort them. Any anime able to evoke such concern from me is good in my book. Gangsta truly displays how much it cares for its characters.


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