Summer Weekly Recap 6

I have been too lazy to do anything but my weekly posts. Once I start watching some more interesting shows, I’ll probably start writing more.

Overlord 6


I am enjoying Overlord more than I thought I would.  Though, Momonga is still the most overpowered thing in the world. The fight wasn’t the spectacle Overlord has shown previously, but it was fun to watch the weaker adventurers clamor together like a video game party.  The real jewels of this episode was the comedy. Overlord is way funnier than I expected it to be. The body pillow scene had me cracking up and put me in a good mood to laugh at the rest of the gags in the episode. And I enjoyed how the adventurers meshed together well and liked to tease one another like good friends do.

Prison School 5


I have to mentally prepare myself to watch Prison School. There is just so much tension and cringe scenes within the show that it is hard to relax while watching it. Sometimes these traits can be good, but I personally don’t enjoy the feeling Prison School gives me. The show is too raunchy for me while not being comical enough. The ridiculous facial expressions and constant use of the vice president’s sweat can only make me laugh so many times before it gets boring. Prison School continues to get worse for me, as it is unable to match the manga’s fantastic comedic timing and great paneling for quick pacing. Maybe this story was just meant to be told through manga.

God Eater 4


God Eater continues to be the most bland military defense against an “alien” race in an apocalyptic world. Considering the setting and how many options the plot and characters could take I find this an incredible feat in boring anime everywhere. But that isn’t to say everything about God Eater is bad. After having the animation style grow on me, there were some beautiful shots to be had, and I didn’t actually mind the exposition to get to them. The exposition during the walk through town led to some good world building and  introduction of project Aegis. The goal of having a city that can house all of humanity posed the solution to this episode’s ending dilemma.

Durarara x2 18


I feel the production quality of Durarara has really fallen. Some scenes lack any attention to detail and the characters move about haphazardly. Any wide angle camera shot has poor animation and even when the scenes are important I don’t feel impressed by any production. As for anything happening within the plot of Durarara. I have no idea what is going on like usual. The brutality at the end was shocking for Durarara though.

Rokka: Brave of the Six Flowers 6


Adlet would be great at coming up with conspiracy theories on the internet. Without knowing any facts about the temple he spews out any possibilities and is easily countered by people with more knowledge. Bringing to light, Nachetania is the truly dumb one. It took her all the way up until half way into this episode before she realized everyone had suspected Adlet of turning on the barrier. Then she ends up automatically following everyone else and deems him the perpetrator herself. It pretty much developed like a true internet argument with characters devolving to pointing fingers at each other out of desperation. With scenes like these taking up most of the episode, Rokka continues with its slow pacing. Plot wise we only have moved from Adlet being in the temple to escaping out into the forest. Everything else is practically the same situation as the end of the last episode. The only thing I enjoyed from Rokka this week was the line “If you want to be strong, smile”. The fake it until you make it mentality is true. Eventually if one keeps telling themselves they are the strongest in the world, and put the effort in. It will happen.

Gangsta 6


Gangsta was made up of powerful moments accompanied by somber music this episode. The show knows how to create melancholic stories that don’t stray too far into melodrama and instead invoke a sense of sympathy for the characters. The shared scene between Worick and Nicholas as children bonding over their shared fate was just too much for me. I lost it at “Me too. I fall down a lot too” the pain of being abused by my guardian is unimaginable for me. But the fact Worick grows to understand Nicholas through it is something magical. Pain can be our undoing, but it also what ties humanity together. We band together against sadness and pain. The other moment in Gangsta that showcased this humanity within the characters was Alex’s kiss with Worick. Drowning herself in lust to get away from her past, but Worick snaps her out of it. Again, coming together to overcome trials that would otherwise be our undoing.


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