Summer Weekly Recap 5

Overlord 5

There seems to be a significant time skip between the previous episode and episode five. Momonga has told Albedo about being created by a different being and changing her personal settings. I found it odd, Overlord just glossed over this without any emphasis. Apparently the NPC’s Plove for their supreme leader overrides any vehemence at their personality being forcibly changed.


Overlord is in a weird place for me, the show’s main protagonist lacks any flaws. Usually, I find character’s like Momonga boring to watch, but I find him inexplicably entertaining. It’s difficult for me to exactly pinpoint why I like his character. At the moment, I think it’s because of how comical a compassionate overpowered skeleton is. Which brings me to Overlord’s great choice in character design. Each character is distinctive but can also easily be grouped together with other similar characters. This is particularly noticeable with  the introduction of adventurers. Each group of people have a recognizable fashion, making it easy to identify and remember them.

Prison School 4


Again, I am on the fence about this show. Some episodes show promise while others like this one are unpleasant and creepy. The main group of protagonists aren’t admirable and often have sickening mindsets. The opposite problem of most shows nowadays. Gakuto’s samurai spirit and devotion to his Three Kingdom Figurines is the only praiseworthy feature of the main cast. Willing to sacrifice everything to achieve his goal. Even the prison wardens are difficult to watch. Their primary role in Prison School is to provide punishment to the prisoners and fan service to the audience. We don’t ever learn much about them other than their outward, men hating personality and their reverence to the Underground Student Council President. Tsutomu Mizushima’s talent is wasted on this show.

God Eater 4

God Eater has been delayed and will be aired on Sunday. Episode four will be reviewed next week.

Durarara x2  17


Sometimes I think Durarara’s author makes his characters do crazy things just because he wants to. Like having a newly introduced character stalking one of the other characters and eating pictures of her. Other than the surprise factor it doesn’t add much to Durarara. I wasn’t interested in any events this episode and had trouble staying focused for the whole twenty three minutes. Even when there is some action on the screen with Celty being a badass and taking down helicopters. I have no idea why she is doing these things, and I have no investment in her conflict.

Rokka: Brave of the Six Flowers 5


Rokka has slow pacing. Five episodes in and it has just covered the synopsis of the show. It doesn’t help the first half of this episode was spent introducing all of the braves again. This was especially redundant for the characters we have already known for many episodes such as Flamie, Goldov, Nachetanyia and Adlet. At least the second half had the big reveal, where Flamie is part Fiend and human. But Rokka still fails at following the rule of show not tell. Using endless exposition to explain Flamie’s position leading to a monotonous episode.

Gangsta 5


The show reminds me of a mix between Black Lagoon and Cowboy Bebop. Nicholas is similar to Spike in that they both have a death wish. The woman they love is missing, and they live their lives with a reckless abandon. The aspect reminding me of Black Lagoon is the gritty style. Gangsta is brutal, and doesn’t pull any punches. Torture, prostitution, punishment, and actual consequences, everything the world imagines the Mafia to do. It all adds to the gritty atmosphere of Ergastulum. The only thing preventing Gangsta from becoming a classic like Black Lagoon and Cowboy Bebop is the production values. The animation is inconsistent and it shows in the action sequences. The choreography is alright, but the fights feels slow.


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