Summer 2015 Weekly Recap 3

Alright, I am terrible and forgot to post this yesterday.  I have been disenchanted with anime this season. No show has caught my attention and I have been busy with some job interviews. I am about to finish Legend of the Galactic Heroes and probably will write a review about that. I am also open to any recommendations for shows at the moment. I need to find something else to spur my passion for anime again.

Rokka: Brave of the Six Flowers 3


I really want to enjoy this show, but this episode only contained glorified traveling. The banter between Adlet and Flamie was extremely boring. Flamie kept on belaboring the same point over and over again. We get it, when she meets the Braves there is going to be fight. Adlet may be optimistic, but the audience already understands the situation, making the dialogue repetitive and tiresome. Flamie’s cold personality doesn’t exactly spur on comedic conversation either. Also, Flamie’s character design is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Lets just make a character with a cape and eye patch and nothing else. But females sell better and she’d be too naked for television so they added a strip of cloth for her chest. Unless I find a village of similar dressing people in their adventures, I would be sorely disappointed in their choice of character design.

God Eater 2


The art style was jarring at first, but it has been growing on me. My friend mentioned that the art was derived from the games, which makes a lot of sense considering the heavy reliance on computer graphics. The enemies are high definition mobs, and I could picture them in any JRPG. The cinematography had some highlights, but also included questionable camera angles. Renka fading in and out of consciousness was a nifty trick, but the tension was diminished by God Eater’s generic narrative. In this type of show, the audience knows the main protagonists isn’t going to die. Some other moments of success were after Eric’s death scene where the setting sun was used to symbolize the passing of life, and the implied comparison between Lindow and Renka.

Prison School 2


Prison School transitioned from funny gags to some disturbing punishments. I couldn’t quite laugh at watching them being punished with the butt on face or the peeing scene. Instead I was creeped out and had an uncomfortable feeling throughout the episode. Prison School just felt strained to keep the jokes rolling and instead got the opposite result. The only scenes I found humorous were the principal of the school with his awkward emphasis on words. Next episode needs to return to the more whimsical nature of the first episode.

Charlotte 3


What a ridiculous episode of Charlotte this week. Ignoring the first seven minutes where it repeated the same gags and scenes as last week, the episode was still terrible. After the first episode of Charlotte I believed the story would revolve around reforming Yuu’s lousy personality, but the plot has seemed to turn into a new power of the week deal. Charlotte also promotes torture and scare tactics. Two methods used to “save” Yusarin, and was viewed in a positive light by the show. They were rescuers of Yusarin by mortally wounding a guy and stepping on his wounds to get information. Not exactly a bright and happy scene, which creates a disparity between the show’s atmosphere and the character’s actions. Jun Maeda also added two more sob stories to Misa and red haired side kick. Again I feel no emotional resonance with their problems. I’m not going to waste another minute on this show.

Durarara x2 15


Durarara continues to cycle through the side characters with varying degrees of success. Akabayashi hasn’t been interesting for the past season and a half so its good to give him some depth. His backstory was linked to Anri in a surprising way, but he doesn’t seem to have much impact on future developments. He is the representative of the Awakusu, but I don’t remember them being involved in the Dollar’s antics.

Overlord 3


Overlord continues to surprise me with its impressive world building. The exposition for it wasn’t the most natural, but anime lacks world building in most of their fantasy shows so I will overlook it. The computer graphics are atrocious, but they nailed the brutality of an undead monster well. Momonga is testing his potential and finds himself almighty. He feels like a god within the show so far, and I enjoy that he doesn’t revel in his power. He constantly questions his humanity and I liked the explanation for him being a cold blooded killer. Overlord reminds me of Log Horizon, which posed many of the same questions.

Gangsta 3


The episode felt like a well designed teaser for a movie about Worick’s past. Gangsta never blatantly states any facts about the past of Worick and Nicholas, but it gives us hints. Letting the audience infer about what brought them to Ergastulum and the crimes they have committed. The mystery brings us in and holds our attention as the intensity of the scenes make it enjoyable to watch. The way the mafia and Handymen casually talk while men are being murdered is unsettling, and adds to the tease. I find it appropriate the episode had so much focus on being a gigolo considering how much Gangsta teased the audience.


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