Spring 2015 Weekly Recap 13

Oregairu Zoku 13


After writing about Oregairu Zoku 13 for my weekly recap, I realized I wrote over 500 words. A bit too long to include in here, so I separated it into its own post. A great finale to a great show. Supporting everything Hachiman has worked for since episode eight, and concluding every character dilemma that I could think of, other than Yukinon’s issue with her family. Hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.

Nisekoi 12


Another disappointing episode to conclude Nisekoi’s inferior second season. Nisekoi inherently feels like filler because of its harem content, and constant tease of confession. But at least the previous season had the relationships between Raku and the other girls develop. Every girl that had been introduced in the previous season had limited growth in the past twelve episodes. The only exception may be Chitoge. Chitoge comes to the realization, she is content with her relationship with Raku. But even that is only a small jump from recognizing her feelings at the end of the last season.

The resolution to Chitoge’s emotions would have had more impact, if the narrative spent time on the issue. Instead they split the episode’s focus and add in a filler chapter at the beginning of the finale. Like I mentioned earlier, Nisekoi already gives off a filler atmosphere. When the finale is split into two different unconnected parts, the more flippant half is dismissed and inhibits the more meaningful half. Nisekoi used to be a quality harem. Fun and easy to watch without much focus on being unique, but does well in what it does try.

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 25


The new epilogue for Unlimited Blade Works. Including new characters from spin offs and a surprise feature of Waver from Fate/Zero. The Shirou, Rin banter was my favorite part of the episode. Fun dialogue that has been lacking from the second half of Unlimited Blade Works. But the concluding relationship between the two left much to be desired. After all of the experiences they have been through in the Holy Grail War, then another two years of being in a serious relationship. They end up making a big decision and conclude in a handshake.Very intimate. I understand Ufotable needs to censor mature material, but this is going a bit too far. The whole point of epilogues are to show how much the characters have grown and where they have ended up in life.

Sound! Euphonium 13

Kyoto Animation must have a thing for pony tails. Kyon would have loved this episode just as much as I did. The finale felt like a victory lap, starting small, then building to the climax where success and nationals awaited them. All of the hard work was already clocked in, and the only thing left was the performance.


Concerts by Kyoto Animation have a history of being beautifully animated, and this performance was no exception. Their attention to detail for each instruments is immaculate with every character providing the correct fingering. Movements mirroring people who would actually play their instruments with the skill required to be a national level band. The character designer must have been working overtime as well, since every character had a unique design. Many of which were very appealing  and could easily fit as a main character of another show. Quality unseen in most television anime, and utilized well in a marvelous narrative.

Sound! Euphonium carries most of its emotional content through splendid body language, allowing the thematic content to take the forefront in the dialogue. The main characters reflected on each of their character arcs creating resolutions built on small character moments. Hatsuki and Natsuki supporting their friends despite not being able to perform with them. Asuka letting her guard down and encouraging the president. Shuichi and Kumiko mending the rift in their relationship with a fist bump. And Kumiko declaring “we are going to nationals” solidifying her passion in band. Poignant character moments, easily relatable and enjoyable to watch. All pointing to the same thematic message, “be proud” of the effort and hard work put in to achieve one’s goal. Don’t be afraid of dreaming big, because effort will always pay off. Even when one doesn’t succeed in the way imagined, the experiences and relationships built will last a lifetime.

“Wishes don’t come true unless you wish out loud”



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