Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 24

I looked up on myanimelist for how many episode Unlimited Blade Works has left, and found that it still had two more episodes. I expected this to be the last episode due to the position in the visual novel. Either the pacing is going to be ridiculously slow, or Ufotable adds more content.


01:47 – Pretty sure we had three whole episodes of Archer saying this already.

02:27 – I thought Shirou already found his answer when fighting against Archer. Why is he going through it again?

03:11 -Why don’t we just recycle the images too? Wasting artists time trying to explain the same point. I get it Shirou! Even if you can’t save everyone, trying to uphold  the ideal is worth it in itself. Now get on with it and kick Gilgamesh’s ass even though he is a billion times more powerful than you.

03:46 – Shirou’s first time realizing his answer was more visually impressive too.

04:12 – Try saving me from your endless ranting about your ideal Shirou.

05:09 – I think another core problem with this show is how the audience sees things from Shirou’s perspective. He always looks down on himself and downplays his own strength. So when he wins against his enemies who are supposedly extremely powerful, it just seems like the enemy was weak.


07:20 – It sounds so much better when the words aren’t said in Engrish.

07:40 – Always impressed by the animation in these tracing scenes.

07:55 – Finally used the reality marble that was part of the plan all along. I will never understand why Shirou refuses to use it until now.

09:26 – I don’t remember Rin talking telepathically with Saber in the visual novel. Wonder what they are doing with that, or perhaps I am just forgetful. Oh wait never mind, I just forgot that master and servant can communicate telepathically except for Shirou because Saber never took spirit form. Too many random rules in the Holy Grail war.

10:36 – The CG red liquid looks so unnatural with the traditional animation behind it. I guess it works because the Holy Grail itself is an abomination.

10:48 – Shirou’s fight is much more interesting than his fight last episode. The last episode just had the two throwing swords at each other, but now there is movement and clear back and forth action.


10:59 – The camera work for these shots add so much energy to the throwing of swords.

11:36 – Again I don’t comprehend the power of the Holy Grail’s curses, I just see a claustrophobic spot.

12:26 – Shinji doesn’t deserve compassion. He isn’t complex enough for me to consider him a human.

13:10 – What a pained, but determined face. If only the Holy Grail actually seemed threatening rather than just a pink blob.

13:49 – Why is this moment so dark? Makes it hard to appreciate their animation.


14:08 – Homage to Neon Genesis Evangelion with the cross explosion. More great camera work with the trail of light following the grail up until the explosion.

14:25 – Great scenery images that I have come to expect from Ufotable now. Conveys the peace of the moment well.

14:44 – Even if she was used poorly in this adaption, sad to see Saber go.

15:31 – I find this hard to believe considering the fact that Gilgamesh killed Berserker and Shirou practically has the same ability has him.

16:24 – Whole sequence reminds me of why I enjoyed the first half of this show so much. Needed more of this and less of the first five minutes of this episode. The new Emiya’s theme remix sounds good too.

16:50 – Shirou’s going crazy.


16:54 – Wow, didn’t expect that, and apparently neither did Gilgamesh. A very satisfying moment to watch with a great build up.

17:50 – The long, silent pause was perfect for the surprise twist turnaround. Why can’t Unlimited Blade Works always be this entertaining?

18:36 – I almost thought he was going to attempt to save him. Things are getting intense.

18:48 – Archer’s reveal would have been better here than saving Rin. Giglamesh’s death would have had a better payoff.

18:51 – This was ridiculously overdone.

19:24 – I would normally question Archer’s survival, but I am sure there is some ridiculous reason if I wiki it.


20:34 – I harp on showing only the bottom of the face for emotional scenes a lot, but Ufotable didn’t do so bad here. What I argue against is that they are not showing enough emotions in these types of scenes, but for Archer’s farewell they did a good job through gestures to compensate.

20:57 – That’s the Archer Rin banter we know and love.

21:15 – I wish I cared more about Archer and Shirou. The climax is all that it should be, but the emotional investment just isn’t there.

23:39 – I guess all of next episode is just the epilogue.

After the first couple of minutes were over, and Shirou reaffirmed his ideals, the episode kicked it into high gear. Non-stop dynamic action that actually got me excited to watch again. Favorite parts from this episode would be the destruction of the Holy Grail, and the fight within the realty marble. Some great cinematography to bring intensity to the fights, and build emotional moments. Not sure how they are going to make a whole episode out of the epilogue, but I’m not too worried about it. If it ends up that badly done, then I will just consider this episode the end of Unlimited Blade Works. A satisfying end to a show that suffers from hit or miss episodes.


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