Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 23

Even for Fate/Stay Night, last week was an awkward episode. Everything hinted at a sex scene for the visual novel viewers, while the actual character actions didn’t follow suit. I was hoping for more of a fade to black implied sex scene, similar to White Album 2, but I guess Fate’s time slot in Japan is too censored for that. For a show with so much gore and violence, one would think they would show a little skin too.


00:15 – But you have already done such feats, Shirou. Any time he is at his limit, Shirou just surpasses it anyways. That’s just the type of character he is, so lines like these always bother me.

01:16 – No it isn’t obvious, and that’s the problem. Too many convoluted rules involving mana and the holy grail war that I don’t understand how it works. Because of this, everything has to be explained by the characters in scenes like these.

03:37 – Apparently the Holy Grail gives off the same feel in the air as smoke and fire. And because of that, it is the holy grail. What great deduction skills by Rin. Lines like these is what makes the show feel kind of absurd sometimes.


04:21 – God, that is disturbing, but they can’t show a simple sex scene.

05:25 – More random exceptions to rules.

06:31 – Nice facial expression for fear.

08:45 – It’s difficult to imagine a pool full of curses and the pain it would inflict. Was hoping for a more visual representation of the curses attacking Rin.


09:05 – The transition between the previous shot and this was incredible. Pulling out the camera and shifting the lighting from one source of light to the many Blondie spawned was great animation and camera work.

09:59 – The idea behind a fictional character becoming a heroic spirit is awesome, but the timing of the exposition to explain breaks up the climax into too many parts for my liking. Too much build up and not enough release.

10:54 – Assassin was one of the more boring characters in the visual novel, but Ufotable did a great job with him. Probably my favorite portrayal of a heroic spirit in Unlimited Blade Works.

11:01 – Instead of enduring millions of curses, it looks like Rin is just wading through some dirty water. The lack of illustration for the curses is hurting the tension of the scene.


11:46 – That’s some insane computer graphics. So much movement that it’s hard to get a good picture.

12:11 – I have never seen the visual of shooting stars take on such a negative connotation. The greed of humanity.

12:55 – I liked where you were going Blondie, but suddenly it just shifted to some aimless rambling.

14:07 – That was way more simple than I imagined.

14:14 – Ufotable shows Rin out of breath, and then proceeds to make her say the most obvious things when there is no one around to hear her.


14:35 – Even in his sleep Shinji can have an annoying face.

15:23 – Um Shirou? There is that ability that you haven’t tried yet. That was the reason you took Rin’s magic circuits wasn’t it?

15:58 – I thought he was supposed to gain the power to use Archer’s reality marble, not just be able to spawn them normally.

16:51 – Kind of a boring fight for the last boss. They just stand there and throw swords at each other. Great animation can only go so far with sub par choreography / storyboards.

18:29 – Shots like these are great for showcasing Ea’s power, but are boring for fights because the audience doesn’t get to see much.


20:27 – The short pause before this moment (with no words exchanged!) is exactly the quick buildup I was looking for. I was hyped for the battle to start and the time slowdown left me waiting for the payoff. Assassin’s fights have been great this whole show!

20:31 – The shifting perspective of time made Tsubame Gaeshi almost as cool as the first time. This is how Noble phantasm’s should be portrayed.

21:33 – Farewell Assassin, one of the Heroic Spirits I am sad to see go.


An episode that really exhibited the good and bad of Unlimited Blade Works. On one hand, we had a boring fight where the enemies stood still and fought while spouting ideals and obvious facts. Then there was the Saber and Assassin fight that showcased a quick build up and satisfying finale with creative artwork to portray Assassin’s noble phantasm from a new perspective. It’s hard to get excited when it constantly switches between good and bad material, especially with the 2nd season’s bad material heavily outweighing the good. But when Unlimited Blade Works gets going, it is easy to get swept away in the action.



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