Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 22

I enjoy Fate/Stay Night a lot more when it isn’t trying to be more than it is. The ideals behind Shirou’s actions are not difficult to grasp, and whenever the show tries to promote his character development they are putting it too far in the forefront. In the end Fate is still an action show, and Ufotable should play to their strengths. This should be easier now that the primary antagonist has transitioned from Archer to Blondie. Though it has shifted a bit, Shirou is now more resolute in what he believes, and Blondie is a bit more of a simple villain. So, the last couple of episodes should lend itself to Fate/Stay Nights strengths, energetic action without needless exposition.


00:49 – Archer somehow turned into a martyr that preaches to his past self.

01:31 – I missed Saber actually having a meaningful impact in the past couple of episodes, but at least she is always adorable.

01:45 – I wonder how many people watch this show just for these moments.

04:08 – Unique way to depict the Holy Grail summoning, not really what I had in mind when I read the visual novel.

06:05 – The rules of the Holy Grail are so convoluted that it took two episodes of exposition to explain how it works. Not to mention the panning camera on a practically still frame other than Rin’s mouth. Such visual excellence.


07:00 – I can just imagine the storyboard creator of this episode having no clue how to visually represent this exposition. So instead of new content, he reminds us of cool content from past episodes. That will tide the audience over until the next episode!

08:12 – The transfer of magical energy is coming soon!

08:39 – Another beautiful shot of the moon, with Ufotables incessant use of clouds.


09:10 – The lighting on Shirou is actually incredible. One can easily distinguish when the light is coming from the moon on his back or from Rin’s room.

10:00 – Don’t give him too much credit Rin, Archer did tell him already. Never mind, He didn’t even figure it out.

12:03 – And they end up not going with the visual novel way of transferring mana. For those who did not play the visual novel, the way to transfer mana in that version was through sex. Rin was blushing because they wanted to tease the audience with a potential sex scene, which of course can not be shown on Japanese television. At least their way of transferring mana seems more plausible than Studio Deen’s terrible computer graphics dragon and mana dolphins to replace sex scenes.

12:45 – Shirou may not be one of my favorite characters, but at least he has the courage to confess his feelings.


12:54 – At last, Rin has stopped being tsun and let the dere out.

13:26 – Looks like there will be fan service to compensate.

14:30 – Again, more great lighting.

15:19 – Ufotable should have just left it as an intimate moment between Rin and Shirou. I can’t help but laugh, because I am pretty sure they are making fun of Studio Deen’s computer graphic dolphins.


16:34 – I can actually appreciate this scene. Though, I think they could have done a better job showing what it means to Rin. It’s supposed to be the day that Rin first noticed Shirou and started to admire his personality from his continued effort at trying to make this high jump. Younger Rin was cute.

16:57 – Dislike how shy Rin is acting, it was only transferring a magic crest. I feel that the only reason she is acting like this is to pay homage to the visual novel’s original method.

18:14 – This feels so overdone. I understand that Rin gets shy around her love life, but this is ridiculous.


19:03 – Saber reminiscing about her memories at the Emiya household before leaving was a nice touch.

19:31 – … Ufotable already showed it to us through the visuals. Why do we have to repeat it again?

20:28 – I guess this is closure for Saber. Romantically and the Holy Grail war in general. She knows that Shirou loves Rin, and that Kotomine’s choice was the right one. Finally giving up on her dream to go back and save the country that has already fallen.

21:24 – Blondie has literally been standing here watching the Holy Grail while the rest of this episode has been going on.

21:35 – That is grotesque and horrifying. Good job Ufotable.


Not exactly what I hoped for, but at least I was entertained. Primarily by the way they chose to represent the mana transfer, and tsundere Rin shenanigans. Other than the mana transfer itself, nothing else really happened this episode. A placeholder between episode with actual content to break up the tension. Some eye candy was also included, but I really wish there was more content in these break episodes. The pacing just feels too slow.


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