Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 20

Last episode was a spectacle of animation, and I see no reason why this week’s episode should be any different. And this time, instead of wordy dialogue pitting the ideals of Archer and Shirou, the audience should get non-stop action that is more fitting to Ufotable’s strengths.


00:05 – Starting out intense. Though it still bothers me how Shirou is able to compete with himself, but with years of training.

00:50 – Oh dang. Things are serious when there is no opening song.

01:35 – Was this really necessary? If anime wants to be seen as something other than juvenile, we have to cut out the mindless pandering of scenes like these.


01:50 – Instead of showing Lancer for a couple seconds, I would have rather have Kotomine be struck down after this shot. It would have had more impact by coming directly after the shot where the audience realizes Lancer has survived. Also it would have allowed for a more interesting camera angle to watch him be impaled.

02:51 – Sounds like Shinji is talking about himself. Seriously though, how does he talk so much trash while knowing he is the most incompetent of all of them there and can be killed in an instant.

03:45 – I hate dumb, evil characters with a passion and Shinji is just the epitome of that archetype. Still surprised that he gets rejected somehow.

04:13 – How disgusting.


05:05 – I have to admit that this sequence was gratifying to watch.

06:07 – Its hard to take pictures of action sequences when half the frames are blurs. Though it looks good all together.

07:08 – I’ve always like this song since I heard it in the visual novel. Cool electronic beat that gets one hyped for action.

07:28 – Nice image if I could get rid of the blurs for the flashback. It bugs my eyes quite a bit.


08:34 – Its bad ass until the Engrish comes out and ruins the mood.

11:03 – Being Lancer only leads to sadness, no matter which route or Holy Grail War.

14:07 – Alright, they need to stop talking. What kind of a line is this?

15:08 – Saber looks so astonished here like Shirou’s naivety is new to her or something.

15:41 – Everyone already knows how Shirou’s ideals are silly, why do they have to spend another 4 minutes of Archer monologuing to belabor that point.


18:45 – These two characters really split the shot into two distinctive halves with the help of some lighting. Amplifies the differences between Shirou and Archer. While Archer believes that because of these consequences holding onto his ideal was a naive, Shirou thinks that despite the consequences, his dream is still worth working for.

20:36 – The animation for his wound closing up through magical stitching was a nice touch.

21:39 – Shirou, I think you lost the argument.

I understand what Shirou has learned from Archer, but watching it now, I realize its not very eloquently put. Shirou has learned that his ideal isn’t something to be accomplished, but a way to live. Shirou still pursues the dream that everyone can be happy, but will acknowledges the fact that it will never happen. Its a significant improvement from the Fate Route, but I wish Unlimited Blade Works was less long winded in how Shirou got there. I also would have liked to explore more into overcoming one’s own potential within the Archer versus Shirou fight. At least we had lots of fun watching Shinji get stabbed and decent action sequences.


3 thoughts on “Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 20

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