Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 19

With Saber returning and the true final boss finally showing his face, Unlimited Blade Work’s second season may finally pick up the pace. My hope is that the show will impress us again with better character banter and action sequences. Also, if I remember correctly the true reveal will be coming this episode or the next, so I will be looking out for how they make that a “surprise” at this point. Every character in the show seems to know and I would be astonished if any viewers didn’t see the connection yet. Then again when I was reading the visual novel, I totally didn’t see the connection until the reveal, so I can’t be talking.


00:17 – Oh and here is just what I was talking about earlier. I was really confused at first, I but other people are even more confused if they haven’t read the visual novel or made the connection yet. This is a pretty cool rendition of what happens since they didn’t really have an image to represent it in the visual novel. I generally have liked the parts where Ufotable has taken liberties over the source material.

03:17 – What a disorienting shot. Its like the audience is in the middle of the ocean looking at Ufotable’s favorite things to animate. Clouds and water.

05:07 – All of these lines don’t really make sense until the reveal, so it’s kind of difficult to talk about. But think about the hypocrisy of this statement and Archer’s ideals and it will all make sense eventually.


05:44 – Everything in this episode has looked so clean. I can see that Ufotable has put a lot of time into this episode and it’s paying off. Rin’s face of disgust for Shinji is apparent and the lighting going across her face really amplifies the effect.

06:18 – I am glad they make this scene seem so disgusting. Fanservice for all the Zettai Ryouiki fans out there though.

06:28 – Busted out laughing when I saw this. Watching Shinji getting wrecked is always fun.

07:12 – And Kotomine’s back. I missed this guy’s voice, always seems more epic with him around.

07:53 – Archer is literally shrouded in darkness, while Shirou still stands in the light of his ideals.

08:41 – I really liked the small detail where Archer is cut off by Saber because she wants to tell Shirou herself. Saber always takes it upon herself to do things and never lets other take responsibility for her actions.


09:54 – Alright I am going to take this part as the “reveal”. I like how Ufotable just expected everyone to know that Archer and Shirou are the same persone due to their excessive foreshadowing. This way they can focus on what changed Archer’s ideals and his motivations for killing Shirou.

10:45 – Framing Archer in an large shot with only him in the center with a dead tree in the background. The dead tree is a metaphor for Shirou’s optimism in humanity fading as he constantly has to kill others to be a hero. The kill one to saves a thousand plays a lot on Fate/Zero too.

12:08 – Again repeating how Shirou is a hypocrite for wanting to save everyone around him while hurting himself.

14:30 – Ufotable is reverting back to their bad habit of not showing the character’s whole face when facing a large realization. It really ruins the moment for me because I want to see their emotions, not just the bottom for their face.


16:09 – The more I think about this shot the more I liked it. Here they are mirroring each other and the bridge between them is the broken stairs of Shirou’s future.

16:36 – Rin’s script of rage felt pretty natural until this last line.

16:41 – What a face of anger, almost on par with Gon from Hunter x Hunter.


20:00 – Must applaud the animators here for making Lancer’s left arm look so unnatural as he killed himself.

20:41 – This line from Shirou just seems so dumb. Who can say that with 100% confidence while looking at a possible future self, and while already regretting that he was the only one who was saved in the fire when he was a child.

Surprisingly enough, even without the intense action that I have been craving from this show, I enjoyed this episode. It had a lot of surprises for people new to the franchise while creating visuals for scenes that Fate fans never really got to experience in the visual novel. It still has the problem of having some awkward dialogue at times, but the ideas of the show really stood out this episode. Heroism isn’t so clearly defined as Shirou thinks, and though he is still stuck in his ways in this route, it leads into the Heaven’s feel route somewhat well. At least in Unlimited Blade Works he learns of another path and what could happen to himself due to his selfishness through Archer.


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