Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 18

Wooo! almost done with the semester. All projects are done and only finals left to go. Last week’s Unlimited Blade Works look cooled, but every time the characters spoke it kind of ruined the moment. I honestly don’t know what I expect from this show anymore since I feel that after the break the show has had a significant drop in quality. It’s not nearly as entertaining as it was a couple months ago.


01:07 – I am glad that Saber is back, but that dress really doesn’t fit her personality.

03:37 – Rin is just watching from here. I wonder how those swords are keeping her in, I mean she is a mage after all. She could at least try to do something while being trapped inside if she couldn’t escape.

04:20 – We can see that Archer, why are you telling us. It sounds so weird for him to be talking like that. It’s like he is informing the audience rather than speaking to anybody in the room.

04:54 – Ufotable effects are incredible. The CG blends in ridiculously well here. I had to rewind a couple times to make sure I saw it right.

05:17 – That’s more like the Saber I know and love.


05:47 – Right now, Shirou is at a crossroads where he doesn’t know if he can still believe in his ideals. Either he will follow Archer or Saber’s path Nice framing Shirou as the divide between these two people.

06:45 – Lines like these ruin Unlimited Blade Works fight scenes. Fate/Stay Night has always been about what exactly heroes are and the ideals they represent, and it is explored through Shirou’s thinking throughout the three routes. But lines like “your wish was mistaken” doesn’t really contribute to the discussion of these ideas and just makes the fights feel so choppy. Also, how do you tell someone they had the wrong wish!? It’s their wish in the first place.

07:29 – I wish he was silent, so the build up to this could be more hype. I guess his Engrish is pretty iconic in Fate though.

08:19 – The realization that I hope many other people have already made.

10:13 – What happened to all the animation. Why is it that Shirou just gets still frame shots as he is developing his powers. He is the main character isn’t he?


12:06 – Great shot of the aftermath of the last 2 episodes.

12:17 – I like lancer so much more in the anime version than the visual novel. He just has that playfulness that just isn’t present in the VN.

14:03 – This is all really vague. They haven’t described what it means to be a guardian in the anime yet, so all of this talk seems pretty pointless.

14:51 – What the hell are these visuals. They are actually making my eyes kind of hurt from the blurriness and weird colored lines.

15:49 – Oh hey, this is the room from Fate/Ataraxia visual novel which I never finished. The lighting is pretty good here, I like how it flickers as the sun slowly sets.

16:49 – They never really explained all the betrayals Archer faces in the VN either.

19:04 – I get so irritated every time I see him smirk.

20:11 – Since everyone knows already, why can’t they just officially announce it so I can say it on here too.


21:23 – Between Unlimited Blade Works and Sound! Euphonium, there are a lot of beautifully animated clouds for the characters to look at this season.

I have become really disenchanted with this adaptation as of late. The show doesn’t feel nearly as exciting as it did during the first 6 or 7 episodes. I end up reluctantly watching each week, attempting to make it more fun. I guess it’s worth it just to watch Ufotable’s high resolution animation, but I feel that they still lack the human details that make the characters really come alive. That may just be a side effect of Nasu’s subpar writing though. At least this episode had the return of my favorite character from the franchise, Saber. Maybe she can redeem the rest of the 2nd half of the show.


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