Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 17

Lots of fun banter in the last episode accompanied by some simple character development last episode. Like always, I am hoping for a little more combat and spectacular visuals.  From the looks of the ending of the last episode, I should finally get an episode to match the likes of the Saber vs Berserker fights.


01:13 – Covering more of Kotomine’s backstory here. I find this line extremely flawed, even growing in an environment where other’s ideals shaped since birth, I think it would be impossible to not have any doubts. At least this shot is extremely detailed though it lacks any significant movement.

02:12 – NOOOOOO! UFotable was doing so well downplaying the male power fantasy over saber, but then they go and do this.

05:05 – Stop talking about things both side already know, and get on with it already.

05:37 – Instead of telling me that Kuzuki knows before the fight, show it during the fight that he expects that strategy. Honestly, how does Shirou even tell when all we see is a still frame of Kuzuki looking at them.

06:39 – Again, telling the audience how bleak the fight is going to be to make it feel more epic when they win. Easily can cut this out and just show how they struggle during the fight. That way it doesn’t feel like Caster and Kuzuki are strong because Shirou says so.

07:09 – Whenever I pause the bodies look so disproportionate, but the animation is so smooth when its running. I wonder how many frames per second they are animating at.


07:40 – Cool fight choreography that allows the audience to see the back and forth between the characters, instead of a bunch of random flashes where I don’t know what’s going on.

07:52 – The instant change in the contrasting colors between the background and Lancer’s eyes makes a very eye catching effect.

08:44 – What the hell happened to Archer’s face. This was for several seconds!

09:55 – Hasn’t his ability been explained before?! Why does Archer have to explain it again, ruining the tense moment that was created.


10:18 – What a wild expression from Lancer.

10:38 – Great special effects to add to Archer’s engrish “I am the Bone of my Sword”. Probably my second favorite noble phantasm use in Unlimited Blade Works behind Assassin’s Tsubame Gaeshi.

10:46 – Alright, this is pretty epic.

11:13 – A little bit overdone, but show’s the scale of the power of Gae Bulg well.

11:34 – Nice reference to one of my favorite Norse Gods, Odin, that wields the spear, Gungnir. The whole background looks like a graveyard now.

12:22 – Of course originator of Gar, Archer, would never betray Rin. It was all part of the plan.

14:20 – Shirou, the burden. Someone sacrificing themselves for Shirou again. Hopefully Shirou doesn’t go crazy because of it this time.


15:05 – Today is just a feast of computer graphic effects.

16:32 – This whole scene was a lot more entertaining in animated form than in the visual novel. I remember reading this and feeling especially bored, but watching Caster be lured into a false sense of security was quite satisfying.

18:08 – Caster’s moment to be more than a simple villain! Too bad her back story is so shallow.

18:47 – I wonder if hands on another person cheek is especially intimate in Japanese culture. It is always used in these type of moments in a lot of anime I have seen.

19:24 – Too much foreshadowing for this “surprise” so now whenever Shirou starts guessing I just feel that he is stupid.


20:40 – Great framing for this shot! Kuzuki is pinned against a singular pillar with nothing else of note around him. The pillar is even partially destroyed just as Kuzuki is.

21:07 – Damsel in distress has been saved.

21:14 – Your a bad archer apparently.

I kind of wish I didn’t read the visual novels. I find the animated form of Fate/Stay Night to be much more entertaining but a lot of the surprises are spoiled for me now. I wonder if I would be raving for this show, if I did not know what was going to happen. At least the fight scenes are always going to be spectacular. I even re-winded some of the episode to watch them again. I still think the characters feel kind of weightless while fighting, but I can forgive it because they are magical beings.


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