Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 14

The previous episode of Unlimited Blade Works finally brought Rin and Shirou to their lowest point with both of them having lost their servant. Saber and Archer have been captured by Caster’s Rule Breaker with no hope in sight. After comforting each other and an awkward confession from Shirou, it looks like they have built up the determination to win back their companions. Will this episode have the action scene I am looking for?


00:21 – Looks like we have a bit more slice of life and an unnatural romance before getting back into the action.

01:03 – Nice, instead of some average romance we got into some character motivations and why Shirou himself is inherently flawed. He doesn’t care about himself enough, and that causes the people around him to worry.

01:46 – Shirou needs to start thinking of others.

02:03 – Stop being so tsundere Rin, just admit your feelings already.

04:13 – Yes! More Illya, is more berserker, and hopefully another one of those fights from episode 3.

04:51 – Ufotable is really trying to downplay the power fantasy over Saber, which is great! In the light novel it is much more sexual and disturbing.


05:17 – I remember Caster having a previous master, but I don’t remember him being this must of a jerk.

06:12 – Instead of developing a well thought out person to hate, Nasu resorted to a child killer. Kind of boring but I guess it gets the job done. I can allow it since he is just a minor character in Caster’s past.

08:18 – Literally just made the most shallow person to ever exist to empathize with Caster and find a new target to hate.

08:54 – Lets just tack on hypocrite to make him even more heinous with zero other dimension to his character. Can we please focus on something more interesting already? I get the point of these scenes already. Caster is a victim of her circumstances and we shouldn’t hate her unconditionally. Too bad showing that wasn’t handled very well.

09:50 – A mage who can practically be immortal? Nothing but a vixen who deceives men. Going to have to add dumb to his characteristics.


11:00 – Incredible CG that doesn’t look out of place. This flashback is taking way too long though.

12:30 – I don’t remember this flashback being so long in the visual novel. It hasn’t really added that many dimensions to Caster, or been particularly interesting. At least I can always look at the smooth animation.

14:50 – Kuzuki has always been an enigma to me whenever I read the books. His motives are very unclear to me though they will explain his back story a little more soon.

15:57 – I love how Rin just lets Shirou do the dangerous job even know she knows the barrier is there. I mean who cares what happens to your friends anyways.

17:44 – Lately the more I watch or read of Fate and the whole Nasuverse the more disenfranchised I get with the world. At least I will always have fun watching Illya throw tantrums to get what she wants.


17:54 – Shinji is an another boring antagonists that has no complexity to him. He just is too easy to hate, because he has no good selling points. He isn’t even cool like Bane from Batman or something. It is still a little satisfying to see him suffer.

18:35 – Shinji actually did something somewhat impressive for once.

18:45 – And now I remember why I still watch Nasuverse shows. Every character just looks so distinct and memorable while bringing their own appeal. Look at this Einzbern servant, she isn’t shown very often but also has a very clean design that is easy on the eyes. Why don’t our main characters get powerful shots like these?

20:14 – A great face by Illya! Really showing how startled she is.


20:28 – Some beautiful but cruel shots of Sella and Leys. These scenes would have been more powerful if we actually had spent time with them. I like the banter they have with Illya, its too bad there is not too much of it in this visual novel. It also would have been improved if Ufotable actually showed the execution, but there are some censoring laws in Japan.

21:53 – Are they really going to have one of the most boring episodes end with a cock tease for the next fight?

Episode 14 was so unsatisfying, nothing of interest happened. We learned a little more about Caster and how she met Kuzuki. Then proceeded to follow along with Shirou and Rin to Illya’s villa. Right as we get there they allude to the action in the next episode and end it. Perhaps this would have been okay if Caster’s flashback wasn’t such a boring sob story to get us to empathize with her. Even in the visual novel, it was quite boring and led up to the text only sex scene between Caster and Kuzuki. For those that didn’t know, in the visual novel, the only way to transfer mana other than being a mage is through bodily fluids. So for Kuzuki to form a contract with Caster they had to have sex. And again we go through another episode without a compelling fight sequence. I was really hoping that Ufotable would more quickly glance over some of the more slow exposition scenes but they are really staying true to the source material. In most cases its a good thing, but I wish they cut a couple more corners to make it a tighter, more focused production. At least I am guaranteed a solid action sequence next week.


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