Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 13

It’s been a couple of months since we left the Fate universe with that terrible mid season finale. But as much as I disliked episode twelve, I am still confident that Ufotable will come back with some superb animation, and perhaps this episode will contain the climax I was hoping for at the end of the first half. If I remember correctly, Saber had just been taken over by Caster with her noble phantasm Rule Breaker and is proceeding to win the Holy Grail War. With Saber out of the picture, Rin reminds Shirou again to leave the war, but we all know he won’t. His white knighting personality won’t let him! Lets watch as he tries to cope with his inability to do anything.


00:33 – After watching a lot of other shows over winter, I have really come to appreciate how good everything looks in this show. Even the points where I ragged on the animation in episode 12 were just bad relative to Unlimited Blade Work’s high points. The dark and subdued colors fit the show well, yet still being easy on the eyes.

01:08 – Sun rising representing Shirou’s desire to fight and what hope that is still left in him. Japan is called the land of the rising sun for a reason!

01:53 – Isn’t this too big of a clue? I guess they expect everyone to know by now. I also forgot he already used the swords earlier in the show against Kuzuki.

02:24 – Man, every time they show it, I am in awe at the lighting within the church. They almost look ephemeral.


03:08 – As much as I hate when female leads are bonded up and need to be saved by the protagonist, Saber just looks so damn attractive. I still love her design.

04:12 – Nice little exposition to remind us of what happened since it has been 3 months. Well placed this time since it makes sense for Kuzuki to ask these questions.

06:07 – Now this is an example of a bad information dump. Fate has always been littered with these though.

07:25 – That’s convenient.

08:40 – So Ufotable is still continuing with that trend where any important lines are made they only show half of the characters face.


09:58 – Aw how cute, Rin’s fighting Caster for Shirou.

10:02 – That’s not foreboding at all.

10:15 – Yeah! Go get em Shirou. You totally haven’t talked about how outmatched you are for the past 12 episodes.

11:53 – What I really enjoy about Unlimited Blade Work’s action sequences is that they generally use wide shots. But even when they cut quickly between different shots here, I still understand what is going on throughout the battle. I think this is important in all action sequences so that one can see the back and forth between the opponents.

12:09 – Look at that misplaced cocky smirk that Rin has.

13:07 – Now that’s a smirk from Archer to match the one Rin had earlier. Reveals for another Greek mythological “hero”. I didn’t actually know about her story without looking it up though. Apparently the gist of her story is that she killed her brother to escape from her father’s homeland to marry the one she loved. It makes sense with Caster’s infatuation with Kuzuki.


13:52 – Shirou is salty.

14:48 – I almost started cracking up when I thought Shirou messed up his jump down and landed on his face for a gag.

16:44 – I always found this part of the story a little odd. If Rin could defeat Caster there would be no need to get Archer back. I guess its because of Rin’s pride.

18:08 – Yes Shirou, holding hands is exactly what you should be worrying about.


18:55 – Next to Ghost in the Shell with production IG, Ufotable makes the best city shots.

19:16 – Typical Shirou Tohsaka banter, which oddly enough, I am enjoying quite a bit.

20:16 – Rin doesn’t understand Shirou at all.

20:38 – The shot makes it almost look like everything has a blue outline. It makes Rin look like she gives off this blue glow.

21:14 – I totally forgot this confession scene from the visual novel.


21:30 – Tsundere moe Rin strikes again. Causing hearts to swoon since 2005.

21:54 – What an adorable moment to round up them losing all ability to do anything to win the war. The romance within the visual novel and anime always seem so forced.

22:12 – Definition of Gar!


For some reason I thought this episode was supposed to be an hour long, I am slightly disappointed by this. Not exactly the big comeback I was looking for, but a decent episode of Unlimited Blade Works. About what I expect from this show now. Some attractive¬†action sequences with clean animation followed by somewhat interesting character interactions. The animation in the opening was crazy, and it was accompanied with a decent song “Brave Shine” by Aimer. The ending contained some nifty artwork with more Kalafina. I wasn’t that into the song “ring your bell” though. Perhaps this would be a more exciting episode for me if I didn’t already know that Archer was going to betray Rin, but a great show will always be exciting even if I know what happens. Oh well, I still got some great screenshots and I look forward to next week’s episode.


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