Death Parade 11

The previous episode of Death Parade was leaning toward the boring side, but definitely set up the conflict for the following two episodes. Decim has now recognized the flaw within the Arbiter’s system and wishes to correct it through truly judging Chiyuki properly. I am not sure how he will go about that, but his decision in itself is an interesting one. I would also like to see Ginti play part in changing the system. It would really show that being human is not without the emotion embedded within Decim, but how human’s question norms and are always changing.


01:10 – Nona says this but she herself has not lived a human life. After experiencing many other people’s lives in third person as an arbiter, would that perspective become clear? If so, why don’t other arbiters also have this viewpoint?

02:15 – Earlier in the show, the opening seemed fitting. But now that the show is becoming more serious, it becomes jarring. It takes me out of the tension created from earlier episodes, and the sort intro before the opening is played.


03:38 – The void is a lot different than what I imagined. I believed that the void was referencing Buddhism and Sunyata, which can be interpreted as emptiness or voidness. Though interpreted in this way Sunyata is actually a positive thing. Reaching a point of emptiness is compared to a state of nirvana, where one departs from all dissatisfaction and defilement. In my mind, going into the void was a cleansing before rebirth where one had to reach Sunyata before being reborn.

04:49 – I find it hard to believe that Mayu was the first girl to ever sacrifice herself for another within the arbiter’s judgement game. We even saw it happen within the first judgement where Decim misinterpreted the lies of the cheating wife.

06:11 – The dolls have never really added much to a particular shot except when scaring people into playing the game. Here they really added a haunting tension to the scene. Chiyuki walks out of the hall to the ice rink where she sees dozens of her predecessors become dolls of Decim’s collection, with her to follow suit soon. Just a memory soon to be forgotten.


06:31 – Cool transition into a flashback by showing us what every character sees as they enter Quindecim for the first time.

07:31 – Is it just me? Or does everyone look really shoddy in this scene.

10:21 – Oh so this is where the budget went. Powerful scene, showing the beauty and pain contained within a lifetime.


13:43 – This shot is so overused in all of film. The profile shot at the hospital as everyone slowly leaves, with only the protagonist remaining in solitude. The focus of the shot remains still as everyone else moves around them to signify the passing of time. I wish it were depicted in a more creative way, but it does get the job done.

14:26 – What kind of callous mother would say this to their child after they become unable to do the thing they love.

15:28 – After being dedicated to one thing for one’s whole life, they lose their connection to their friends and family after losing it. Now that I have retired from, I hardly keep in contact with many people I considered friends throughout my time then. I realized that I didn’t really know them too well outside of swimming, and had trouble being around them. Though Death Parade took it in a different direction, I can totally relate with Chiyuki.


15:58 – I find it hard to come to this conclusion after following her experiences.

17:14 – Saying something so heartfelt with a deadpan face is whatmakes Decim so moe.

17:39 – What a depressing name for a drink.

17:53 – I find it sad that this message is the same one contained in YOLO. Enabling people to do stupid things everywhere since 2012.


19:31 – I’m actually enjoying scenes with Mayu in it? This is crazy. This line in particular really reminded me of one of my favorite lines in the Evangelion song, Kom Susser Tod – “Everything that matters to you matters in this world.”

20:13 – The way this is shot, makes it look more ridiculous than heartfelt. I think the proportions are off or something.

22:46 – It’s difficult to take Oculus seriously as well. Just look at his character design! Not very menacing.


Now only one episode remains. Though I have many qualms about how they hold tension throughout the story, it was never the appeal of Death Parade for me in the first place. The strengths are still present with it’s endearing character stories and intriguing ideas about the value of one’s life. This episode in particular was very easy to empathize with and even added more depth to characters I first disliked. I don’t think it was as entertaining as the air hockey arc, but it held its ground as a solid episode.


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