Death Parade 10

Death Parade is reaching the home stretch with only 3 episodes to go. The last 2 episode character arc has been the pinnacle of the show so far, with the detective mirroring the flaws in the arbiters system. The episode was high tension from beginning to end, even having Tatsumi fall yet again to his desires of revenges, breaking the pucks and causing unbearable pain to the detective. Though I do not think this episode will follow suit with high tension character drama, I hope the quality of these previous two episodes continue.


00:17 – The coloring here is a little too bright for my eyes at 12 AM, but it still looks nice. I wonder how the symbolism of both waking on the small tree supposed to mean. I still haven’t connected the dots for this one.

00:43 – Looks like Decim is having an existential crisis.

02:21 – I hope Nona is talking to someone, or this exposition seems really dumb. Also why are they framing her like this?


02:45 – Damn, she was talking to herself. Now that Decim is all out of whack, I wonder if Nona is going to get rid of him.

03:39 – Oh god, I didn’t expect this at all. Kurokami is just another doll that Decim created? I wonder why he was so attached to that particular person then.

05:01 – So Kurokami is not a doll, but just a human that cannot stay in this ethereal world for too long. Okay, I can buy that.

05:41 – Kurokami is being judged with the new person they are going to bring in? I always thought it was odd that she was by herself.

07:11 – Of course its going to be Old Maid, when there is an elderly women in the episode.


07:25 – The CG here is really jarring. Kind of like those random CG walking people in Parasyte.

08:11 – We get to learn about the players through the cards instead of some random explanation by the character themselves. I like it. I always felt that it was odd that these people would tell their life stories to those they have just met.

09:27 – All of Decim’s memories are from the people he has met through being an arbiter. Its quite sad that he doesn’t get to remember them. I wonder how he feels as he looks at the cards.

10:07 – An interesting quote to think about. I am here to watch anime, that’s why I watch anime. I wonder if the translation changed the connotation of these lines.

11:27 – This has been kind of boring for the last couple of minutes. At least the episode transitions are always visually interesting.


12:52 – Decim joining in on the game of Old Maid represent him judging himself. I was a little slow on realizing that, but I still have no idea in what direction this episode is headed.

13:50 – I hope this is not the philosophy that Decim takes on about his purpose in life.

16:09 – I am sure most people know this by now, but just to make sure, Chavvo symbolizes the 2 main protagonists, Kurokami and Decim. The girl’s inability to hear is Kurokami’s lack of memories.

16:54 – There must be something in human bodies that make one want to smile when happy. Though there may be some random culture out there where frowning actually depicts happiness.


17:43 – I thought it would be a bigger reveal for learning Kurokami’s real name, but it was kind of underwhelming. I guess as Chiyuki finds out who she really is, Decim will find out who he wants to be.

19:36 – This episode has been really subdued and calming, but to the point where I am bored.

19:48 – Decim’s line is super vague and could refer to any number of things. My bet is that he wants to figure out a different way to judge humans.

20:11 – The flower moved to his beard to perform an explosive attack. What the hell am I watching.

21:04 – Looks like Decim has found his purpose, changing the way everyone is judged. Now I just need to find mine.

21:28 – Decim is trying to know everything about Chiyuki to truly judge her well, but it sounds a lot like marriage to me.


23:03 – Next episode looks appealing so far.

I have to say, compared to the intense last two episodes, this was an okay change of pace. Death Parade definitely needed to slow itself down so it can lead up well into its finale. But this episode was plain boring. I know Decim finds his way, and Kurokami finally remembers her previous life, but it just wasn’t interesting enough to keep me glued to the screen. At least I had a good laugh out of Oculus using his flower beard to read someone’s mind.


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