Death Parade 9

After an unfortunate series of events that involving google chrome crashing and a restart of my computer, I lost the 500 words I wrote on this episode. Time to start over I guess.

We left off with the air hockey arc, where two murderers have entered Quindecim. I generally enjoy the longer arcs of Death Parade, as it gives one more time to learn and become attached to the characters. This particular arc plays on the theme of revenge, and highlights the nature of humanity. I am particularly interested in the detective. He sees the horrors of humanity everyday, yet he never took such drastic action until he was effected directly. It brings an interesting facet of humanity to light.


02:53 – I find it interesting that the characters have rediscovered their drive for vengeance, yet have not remembered their own act of murder. Will they react like Kurokami with disgust, or be revel in their “justice”.

04:09 – The episode headers for Death Parade are just visually stunning. This wooden background has such an interesting texture that really stands out.

04:21 – The impact of this hit was great. The sounds direction, facial expression, and color overlay all combine to add an extra punch to the pain he feels. This scene also doubles as a smooth lead into his memories.


04:36 – The door of opportunity to have a productive and happy life is closing.

04:42 – Throughout the whole scene there were very few strikes of the knife, so when it actually hits, it seems even more intense.

05:41 – The face he is making actually disgusts me. Resolving yourself to kill, not one, but two people. How can someone live with themselves after taking another life.

A person can only murder another once. The act of murder is giving up the humanity that is within oneself. -Ryougi Shiki

06:10 – I didn’t like how his was done in comparison to earlier. It felt a little forced by the voice actor and had a more bland presentation.


06:24 – Not only did the detective murder the perpetrator, but also tortured him. At this point I hope everyone that watches this, thinks its going too far.

06:34 – This makes me so damn angry. If Death Parade is actually trying to promote the message that the dead want the living to avenge them through ruining their own lives, then I am going to have to stop watching this show. I hope they turn this on its head soon. This smile sickens me.

07:57 – This detective still totally believes in his “justice”, even after experiencing murder again. Not only that, but he is telling the kid to follow in his footsteps, and complete his own revenge.


09:26 – Alright, what is this face he is making?

09:46 – What are they doing with their faces? Also, if he wants the kid to win, why doesn’t Tatsumi just let it enter his goal.

11:59 – Tatsumi’s reaction scares me, I am glad that the kid is repulsed by his own actions.

13:42 – The detective doesn’t seem to be the type that would do something like this. Perhaps he had already murdered his wife’s killer and that is what has changed him so. I just can’t see someone who would dedicate himself to becoming a detective, watch as someone was abused.

14:41 – The most nauseating god complex.

16:54 – Again referring back to how one can see their soul through their eyes.

17:08 – Usually, I dislike it when shows blatantly point out main ideas of the episode, but in this particular case it fits well. Sometimes the character will just say something that will not make sense in the context of the scene to showcase an idea, but Kurokami has obviously been hating this whole judgement from the beginning. It seems natural that she would interject and try to stop the action from proceeding.


17:34 – The flaw that is shown in every judgement system. One cannot know exactly how the other felt during their life, it is exaggerated in particular by Decim’s lack of any emotion.

19:31 – It sounds like Full Metal Alchemist in here, even the music fits.

19:24 – Sometimes one needs other support to constrain themselves. Death Parade likes to celebrate the strengths of humanity just as much as it shows its dark side. In our humor, intelligence, and compassion is where humanity thrives, showing us that we are more than our desires.

20:48 – I actually love this line, but hate that it comes out of Tatsumi’s mouth. He is a great character in how he gives a mirror to the world of being an arbiter, while also exhibiting how easily one may fall. He goes from a caring husband to a psychotic killer with a god complex, making him so easy to hate. A great trait in any villain.

20:54 – Exceptional scene showing how easily humans ideals can be broken for our desires.


21:49 – How heartbreaking, Sae wouldn’t have wanted this for you Shimada.

22:27 – Not a very effective tsundere beat on protagonist scene. Not cute, and doesn’t really seem to fit the gravity of the situation.

I am so frustrated with my write up on Death Parade this week. Not only did I lose what I wrote earlier, but what I presented afterwards is not nearly as coherent or interesting as what I had in mind earlier. It really ruined what could have been a great episode for me. My motivation while writing this was so low too, because I knew I had already done it better. I wish I could remember exactly what I had written, but alas, it was not meant to be. All of my ideas for the first half of this episode will forever be lost in the nebulous space that are forgotten memories. Though I still have a few things left to say about Death Parade episode 9.

Death Parade is strongest when it has its character vignettes. The world building and explanation episodes are bit dull, but are needed insight. Episode 9 is a strong showcase of this, it is special in that its character story pokes at the flaws in the world of arbiters. As Kurokami so pointed out, the arbiters are practically the same as the detective. They do not stop the crimes from happening nor have any empathy for the victims. Decim only role is to silently watch as the evil within people come out in the each game. Then judge them by sentencing them to the void or reincarnation. Though it seems Decim has human emotions within him, it has only been exposed in the one moment where Kurokami persecutes him.


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