Death Parade 8

This semester of college has been killing me. As a computer science major I am required to take an operating systems class, and each project is taking me over 40 hours. Its just ridiculous. Well now that I rant is over, its time to write my little episodic post in the middle of the night.

Last week with Death Parade, there were a lot of reveals regarding the arbiters. We have learned that they are primarily created as dolls to judge human. Decim (and maybe Ginti?) is the only one to have human emotion cloud his judgement of humans. There were also a couple little asides about how there is no god, and Quindecim’s former owner. But since they haven’t revealed too much about that, I am pretty indifferent toward it. Perhaps with a little push from episode 8, I can get back into this show.


00:11 – I know these drops in quality for unimportant frames are needed so the anime can be funded, but they are so immersion breaking.

00:46 – This sounds like it will be interesting. There are so many different directions where they can take this. Perhaps they killed someone to save a loved one, or to protect their country. When is killing someone morally okay?


01:57 – Really clean facial expression by Madhouse. One can easily tell her emotions from this face alone. She is bothered that one of them is a murderer and is trying to determine which of the two. By the way I think I am going to refer to her now as Kurokami (black-hair) now. It seems more like a name than black-haired girl.

03:44 – This boy is the most generic looking character I have ever seen. Especially compared to the rest of the cast in Death Parade. I hope they did this on purpose.

05:01 – Well I guess we know who it is.

06:03 – The image of the picture book girl in the middle is so creepy. Also, that ass. It may just be me, but I feel like the boys butt is sticking out way too far for his body.


07:41 – I need an air hockey table like this in my room.

 08:22 – Oh no, we are using the same gimmick again. I was hoping they would be more creative! I guess its about revealing their inner selves though.

08:50 – Whenever I hear rally, I am always reminded of tennis and my dad. I also want to mention that this particular transition shot looks so cool.

09:27 – Uh, why am I watching this just go back and forth. I know the actual games are not whats compelling about Death Parade, but I want to see a little action  between the two players.


09:57 – Kills someone while protecting his sister, seems to be the direction their going in. I think I would definitely follow suit if my sister was in harms way, but with things like this one may never know his decision until put into that situation.

11:35 – With this in mind, it seems like Decim is still trying to judge Kurokami.

11:49 – This guitar in the background feels a little out of place, but sounds really nice.

12:51 – Its odd that Decim is the one implanted with human emotions, yet Ginti is so much more active and emotional.


14:57 – This felt like a very western scene to me. The tired detective comes home to see his wife dead. The camera zooms in on his eye to express his surprise and dread, then he falls to the ground on the spot in mourning. This has definitely been done in many movies before, but I don’t see it in anime that often. Or maybe I just don’t remember seeing it.

17:30 – I really like the easily noticeable changes in Tatsumi. After remembering that his wife has died, his whole demeanor has changed. From the way he walks to the face he makes, everything has this added intensity that can be felt through the scene. It makes me actually interested in the game they are about to play, though not quite emotionally invested.

18:26 – Now that’s a face of anger, that isn’t ridiculous like some of the early episodes.


18:38 – A nice touch. Shows need more little details like these to really express character emotions.

19:14 – These skulls creeped me out when watching in the middle of the night. That hasn’t happened in an anime in awhile.

21:07 – I find it so odd that they are telling each other this. Even in American culture this would never happen as they have just met, but in Japan, which is even more reserved. I just don’t see it happening. Alright this is totally nitpicking, I need to sleep.

22:38 – I feel like I am missing something with this Computer graphics light here. There has to be some meaning for them to focus so much on it after her receiving the memories. Maybe it was just for the effect of the first person perspective fall.

22:45 – I am glad that taking the memories of killers effected Kurokami so much. I can’t even get close to an idea of the emotions it must take to drive someone to take another life.


Pretty interesting episode today, but it didn’t really draw me in emotionally. At this point, I am questioning how much it is trying to pull me in that way, and perhaps I am creating goals of the show out of thin air. There is one thing in particular I noticed with this anime. Madhouse continually brings back focus to the eyes, which follows the saying that “The eyes are the windows to the soul”.

This time around with abuse, I like how they portrayed it. Not does it only hurt the one you physically abuse, but those around them as well. It mentally affects not only the victim but also her family, so much so, that it drove him to kill out of revenge. The detective was much more plain than the boy in my opinion. I feel he just came out of a detective movie, so enraptured with the case of his wife’s death that he turns into a murderer himself. Overall it was still handled better than episode 4 of Death Parade. Though episode 4 had more themes of circumstances, and the harshness of life, the comedy downplayed the seriousness of their situations.

Still, there is another episode of “Death Rally” left, and this was ultimately a setup episode for the climax in the next. Maybe Death Parade will finally capture me in their world, but I doubt it.










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