Death Parade 7

We left off with a comedic episode that tried to pull at our emotions with mediocre success. Depending on how much one liked the characters in the short amount of time we spent with them, one would love or dislike that episode. I for one didn’t enjoy how the comedic and emotional elements clashed throughout, and found it odd how they incorporated the two together. Lets see if they find the perfect balance of the two in this episode.


00:22 – This exposition is actually ridiculously bad. Who is he talking to? He obviously knows what he is talking about, but why does he need to repeat it out loud? He already knows the information, so there is no reason for him to be telling the world this. There either needs to be someone in the anime that needs to hear this or a narrator that is excluded from the universe to say this exposition.

00:43 – I guess the reason that Arbiters are obsessed with dolls, is because they are dolls themselves. That’s pretty interesting that they wouldn’t have any emotions or be able top die. It seems odd though since it really seems like Decim and Ginti both have something sembling emotion. Decim obviously cares for the people he takes in and Ginti has the condescending hate toward humans.

02:42 – Some new arbiters, I wonder if they will be prevalent in the show at all. Also what “dolls” are they obsessed with?


03:44 – Things don’t look good for the black-haired girl. She is learning about her past and how she was once a player in this game. Also her head as a kid is ridiculously large.

04:05 – Nona is taking way too long to read a children’s book.

05:27 – How can there be a former arbiter? Their purpose in life is to judge people and they cannot die.

06:41 – So the arbiters can climb the hierarchy by working.


07:58 – What is this music in the background? It doesn’t seem to fit with whats going on at all. I mean I guess the lyrics do, but the whole style of the song kind of clashes with the drama.

09:46 – It looks like Decim has always had an interest in human kind.

11:05 – The black-haired girl is Decim’s treasure. I wonder how the conflict between her and Decim will start now that she knows she was once human.


12:06 – Decim’s hobby seems to be creating a life that he can control. It plays on the fact that he is unable to control his own life and can only follow the path set for him by Nona. Decim wants to become human. I wonder if the Greek fates also wanted to become human.

13:23 – Doesn’t look like a promotion to me.

14:19 – This makes sense now. This is the difference between Decim and everyone else, and why he has such a fascination with humans and the black-haired girl. He even recreates the humans he has met through mannequins. Decim is trying to find the thing he is missing within himself.

16:14 – Looks like Ginti has messed up, and has his own “black-haired girl”. So does this mean that Ginti also had human emotion implanted inside of him?


16:51 – Ginti’s laughable attempt at scaring her was pretty well animated. Great lighting but it still couldn’t get the reaction out of me.

17:42 – Why do the backgrounds look gorgeous while the bird is so lacking in detail.

20:12 – I didn’t notice the flower on his head until Quin mentioned it.


22:50 – I am always so impressed by how this show blends colors to create a unique palette for each world. The purples, blues, and hues of pink in Quindecim. The earthy greens, and sky blues of Nona’s world. The deep reds and oranges in Ginti’s floor. And lastly the rich reds, and blues of Skull girl’s world here.

Not too much happened this week, but we did get to learn quite a bit about Decim and the arbiters. The exposition was not handled very well at the beginning but it still was somewhat interesting. It led me to have a lot of questions of why the arbiters are here, and what makes Nona different that she is compelled to add human emotions to Decim (and Ginti?). Everything felt like a set up for the large conflict to come between Nona and flower head, which from the looks of the next episode still won’t kick up until later.


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