Death Parade 6

Last week we had a technically strong anime with fluid animation and decent exposition that shed new light about the world. The audience learns that there is a hierarchy to be climbed by the arbiters and that they themselves are judged on how well they assess  humans. A new character mentioned in passing about the ability to ascend to godhood. An interesting idea in itself, but this begs the question on who judges them to be worthy enough to become god.


00:45 – Looks like we will have Ginti be the arbiter for this episode.

02:12 – Kokeshi dolls. The second one seems really creepy to me. I guess each arbiter has their schtick with dolls. Ginti’s Kokeshi dolls seem to have more personality than Decim’s bland mannequins.

02:46 – Some Japanese humor is weird.

02:58 – She seems pretty bland so far, but I haven’t spent a lot of time with her yet. I wonder how her death is going to tie into all of this.


03:37 – I enjoyed the color scheme of Quindecim more with its deep blues and purples with hues of pink. Ginti’s place just seems to be more of a flat red.

03:54 – What a cute cat! I wonder what happened to its leg and tail.

04:33 – What a high definition twister mat!

05:16 – An interesting way to explain the rules. Keeping us visually engaged rather than watching Ginti talk for 2 minutes.


06:36 – At least Death Parade has captured the true purpose of twister.

06:55 – This girl is scary.

08:05 – Honestly this is pretty boring. There is no tension within this game of Twister.

08:13 – Please stop this wasn’t funny the first time!

08:31 – Why don’t my twister games ever end up like this?


09:46 – Someone has to make a gyf out of this!

10:35 – Wow this is actually sickening. Ginti is literally just torturing them until they do something wrong so they can be sent to hell. Honestly though, what sane human would keep holding their body toward the burning hot twister mat just so they can win a game in which they don’t know the stakes.

11:17 – I have to admit, I laughed at this one.


11:23 – I can’t handle these faces!

12:30 – Did she seriously just say that? Okay I’m disappointed in this episode.



15:10 – I really dislike inconsistent shows. This was obviously a comedic episode, but the rest of the show didn’t seem to favor comedy over everything else. I went into this episode expecting more and I did not get what I wanted.

15:53 – Please don’t try to get emotional with me after claiming “I am going to pee myself”.

17:02 – I don’t even know what’s going on anymore.

17:22 – ONE FOOT REALLY? Might as well just have carried her princess style and jumped to safety.


18:38 – ARE YOU KIDDING ME! This is how she died? This was actually too funny.

20:48 – This picture describes me throughout this whole episode.

20:56 – The cat assistant was the best part of this episode. Hopefully he/she gets to appear in more episodes.

I have so many mixed feelings about this episode. It was trying very hard to be funny, and in many ways it succeeded. If I had gone into this episode with that in mind, I feel like I would have enjoyed this episode. On the other hand, the emotional pull of this episode was non-existent. Madhouse tried bringing up past regrets to make the characters more relatable but they failed miserably. The suicide and was brought up just moments before he changed his mind and decided to save Mayu. We barely had any time to get invested in Harada’s background. With Mayu they barely even tried to do anything, she was pretty much comedic relief. So why did they bring up a “heartfelt” scene of her mood being lifted by C.H.A music.


I had a small ray of hope when contrary to Ginti’s efforts, Harada still decided to try to save Mayu. Ginti believes in the arbiter’s superiority and when he judges humans he practically tortures them, drawing out the worst in them. Harada and Mayu both represent the good in people when put in these situations. That even though one may choose the easy way out, their morality can still hold them back. Harada’s noble act to save Mayu at the risk of his own life is the most exemplary aspect of humanity, and has yet to be shown well in Death Parade. Too bad it was downplayed by the incessant use of mistimed humor.






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