Death Parade 5

I was surprised to find that a lot of my favorite aniblogs favored the last episode of Death Parade. I could see their perspective, but I am going to stand firm that they did not take their topics seriously enough to justify their point. Life has its circumstances, but Yousuke and Misaki still made the decisions in the end. Fighting against fate is a part of life, and being able to endure against the injustices of the world has been portrayed better in a number of other ways. A couple examples that I can think of are Oyasumi Pun Pun, Koe no Kitachi, and Aku no Hana. Its kind of bad to compare Death Parade to these gems because Death Parade only had this focus for one episode while these manga have hundreds of chapters devoted to it. Maybe I was expecting too much, but we will see how I feel after this next episode.


00:30 – This picture book style reminds me of fairy tales.

01:18 – The narrator is reading as if she were telling this story to a child, I hope we don’t get children coming into these “Death” games.

01:46 – What a lovely shot of her.


03:19 – I always found it odd that anime characters always wear the same clothes everyday. I understand its to make their look iconic and save money not creating 20 different designs for each character, but I would like a little more variety.

03:26 – Yes! She has to wear this at some point right?

04:04 – The little kid was cute in the dream sequence, but when put up on a board with lines dividing her, she just seems creepy.

04:34 – What kind of game involves marching?


05:30 – Do you talk in a different voice when speaking to children? I do.

05:47 – Perhaps someone who knew of Decim’s previous life? Or maybe he has come to Quindecim in a past life.

06:36 – Is this a sun? The cg effects are integrated pretty well.

06:40 – I guess we know Nona’s age now, and the fact that people in purgatory do not age.


06:41 – Literally playing with the universe, indicating that Nona is a god?

07:06 – With the way they are talking, its almost as if this world is a business. After 82 years Nona has moved from black haired girl status to Manager.

07:16 – Apparently with enough work, anybody could be god. It doesn’t seem to translate into being good at everything though. Rather than god I think its heading in the direction of enlightenment. After many years he achieves enlightenment and unity with god.

07:39 – That was a cool effect. After the worlds are sunk they go back into orbit.

08:51 – I wonder what made him believe that threatening the kid would help his situation. If he had truly visited Quindecim before than he would know this would not work.


09:42 – The lighting from the billiards table is crazy. It creates a very supernatural feel to this new character, as it should as they are in a very mystical world. There is a lot to find out about this world and the way they are slowly releasing the information in this episode is fun.

10:27 – Its strange that in a world with an afterlife, he mentions that god is gone. So this hierarchy and judgement is all made to decide who the new god is? Also I want to point out how foreign his eyes are compared to “normal” anime eyes. Nona and Decim also have their own peculiar set of eyes but this guy’s eyes are more inhuman than theirs. It really creates a disconnect between those who are close to being gods and arbiters.

12:10 – Did this kid just knock her out?


13:02 – This whole fight sequence leading into was impressive.

13:22 – I wonder what qualities makes one unable to be judged. It seems like they accept those into their ranks and the chance to become god. In this way god must not be complete good as if they are truly good, it would be a simple judgement. I wish I knew more about Buddhism as it seems that is where Death Parade is getting its fundamental ideas from.

14:00 – It seems that Ginti, Decim, and Nona are different beings entirely. I guess I was wrong with my earlier hypothesis.


14:34 – What a great example of letting a fight show the turn around itself.

14:55 – They are getting back into the crazy expressions rather than faces that portray actual emotions.

14:57 – Super impressed by the cg integration yet again. This whole sequence was way more than what I was expecting from Death Parade. Yet again Madhouse shows that they know how to do fight choreography with consistent and smooth animation.

15:03 – Nona has to be the best.


15:06 – The sound effects and facial expressions make Nona’s hits have an impact. Really enjoying this episode.

16:11 – Exposition done well. We, as the audience need to learn this, but it fits in with what is happening. Decim has made a mistake and is being reminded of the rules himself. It is not just told so the audience knows even though the characters wouldn’t bring it up.

16:59 – The way they framed Nona with Decim’s shadow is phenomenal. It really fits with how Nona acts around people, she has a business side and a fun side. Each is a part of her and its shown in how the anime shows her visually.

17:12 – as the shadow lifts from her face she returns to how she normally interacts with those around her. She even dramatically changes her voice.

cool thing

18:37 – Sucking on the earth? I wonder what her job is in the afterlife. Looking at the skull and the entrance, I think she may be a gatekeeper to hell.

18:54 – Again she has different eyes. The eyes could represent their status in the hierarchy. Or each eye could see different things about people, like how the arbiters can see human memories.

19:16 – The raining blood is a nice touch that probably pulls from some Buddhist story. I need to do some more research if I can find the time.


19:33 – Looking at this sequence makes it seem as if the arbiters are just playing with human life. Stringing us along with their plans. Using us as if we were dolls to be played with. Ginti sure seems to be condescending toward them as well.

20:32 – Looking at this again, these two must mirror Decim and the black haired girl. Not sure what else this is going off of though.

20:51 – This seals the deal for what it represents. It looks like Decim is falling for a human, but is unable to express himself well.


21:13 – Looks like this is how Chavvot ties in with the rest of Death Parade.

What an impressive episode technically from Death Parade this week. It does not attempt to have the emotional power like the previous two episodes, but on an animation standpoint, it was phenomenal. Definitely what it needed to reel me back into the show. It released a lot of information about the world they reside in while introducing some new characters. We learned about how the Arbiters consider themselves above humans and what drives them to deliver judgement. I am interested to learn more about this purgatory.

Even with having some decent exposition, what astonished me the most this episode was the action sequences. I didn’t expect Death Parade to have any particularly intense fights, as it seemed to focus on the psychological and religious aspects of humanity. In a way, it was out of place, but since Madhouse executed it so well, it was exciting to watch. I haven’t been able to watch much anime this week, but I am glad I made the time to see this one. We are back on track boys!


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