Death Parade 4

This semester of college has been killing me with projects. I haven’t had as much time to watch or write about anime, but at least I am going to keep up with the Death Parade write ups. Even if I lose a little bit of sleep to do so, it will be worth it.

00:14 – I can already tell from her looks and voice that I am going to be annoyed by her.


00:40 – Did this turn into a romantic comedy?

01:04 – It makes sense that I am annoyed by her, because I hate most personalities on shows like that.

02:23 – I hope they parody Street Fighter or something like that.

02:30 – This sequence was pretty hype. The rotating with shaky camera is making my head hurt though since its like 1 AM as I am writing this.


02:37 – So much meta.

03:30 – What the hell is this guy holding? Its like a mini lego face!

04:39 – I wouldn’t mind playing a game where I fight with an avatar like me. It reminds me of Nintendo and the Mii games.

04:53 – An interesting way to stab at their insecurities. I would hate for others to give me stat levels based on my skills in life.


05:21 – The lighting from the screen is really well done.

05:44 – The title has death in it again. Someone is going to hell.

06:17 – This game isn’t as visually interesting to watch as the earlier ones. The pixel screen bothers me. The mini jokes like the figurine upper! make me chuckle though.

06:47 – Regrets. I guess she was a teenage mom. Confirmed next frame.


06:52 – Okay, I am not trying to sound heartless or anything, but I hate when shows do this. I feel empathy for mothers in abusive relationships and single moms in real life, but I don’t care about this character yet. Show me some personality and give me more time with the character before trying to pull the strings of my heart. It’s really difficult to attach oneself to character within an episode. Only a few shows such as Mushishi have been able to do that for me.

06:57 – I hope she is able to take care of them since she keeps having more kids…

08:28 – Judging people on how they take advantage of people in a game? Every Dota player on earth is going to hell.

08:43 – Its doing it again. At least these two characters could learn and grow from each other. Misaki learning to pay more attention to her children, while Yousuke learns that these parents often still love their children.


09:32 – I am testing a theory this episode. Every character that is shown in a reflection is going to have another side to them, which will usually send them to hell. It has happened in the previous episodes of Death Parade.

10:24 – People neglecting their children infuriates me so much.

11:24 – This is not something I want to hear when I visit purgatory.

12:18 – Death Parade needs to choose if it wants to be emotional or comedic. Mixing the two at the same time is difficult, and this is an example where the comedy alleviates the tension in the scene. Purposefully or not, I am pretty bored at the moment.


13:08 – Well that escalated quickly. And also proved my theory that people shown in reflections have another side to them. This whole thing is making me rethink how salty I should be from losing in video games.

13:48 – Nah its not too far at all. Whatever it takes to win the game.

15:00 – Says the person who just bashed Kousuke’s head in. Albeit she was put into an extreme condition where she thought her life was at stake. I like how the Black haired girl pointed out that this just pushes them to do terrible things. Judging morality from people in bad situations, just takes away any the good they could have done had they been somewhere else.


15:42 – I guess Kousuke learns his lesson, but rather than learning from Misaki he learns by remembering his past? What a waste. The whole point of having the two characters paired together in this game is to let them play off of each other. Right now they each have their individual story. There was no point of having them both reach Quindecim at the same time.

16:56 – So he commits suicide after learning that people care about him? I hate both of these characters and how they are being portrayed in this show. I guess we are having a scenario where both go to hell.


17:30 – I can’t take this seriously at all. Which is terrible considering that this episode is all about: domestic violence, parents neglecting children, and suicide.

18:40 – I talked about the fates and their strings of destiny, yet I failed to notice Decim’s use of string to subdue them.

18:49 – Out of all of the characters, why does the one I hate most have to bring up the questions I find interesting.

20:31 – I cannot find it within my heart to have empathy for Misaki or Kousuke, but how the strings released leaving her in Decim’s arm was cool.


21:00 – Decim is such a bro. Comforting them and telling them what they want to hear before they pass on.

21:33 – Wow, one who selfishly takes his own life without regard for others gets to be reincarnated. Think of all the pain he put his parents through.

Its been awhile since a show has actively offended me with how they portrayed their ideas. I think the last one was Sword Art Online season 1. Episode 4 earnestly tried to win my emotion with crying children, abuse and depression. It took these serious problems and made them so shallow that I couldn’t help but laugh. These issues should not to be used within a work without long consideration and tact. Death Parade then proceeded to have the nerve to have me empathize with the characters. I am not going to have sympathy for selfish or physically abusive people.


This is how I feel right now.


Death Parade had the opportunity to combine the stories of Misaki and Kousuke to make a genuine, heartfelt tale of two people who have made mistakes in their life. Together they would learn from each other’s experiences and grow as person. I wanted Decim to show each other the opposites’ memory. That way they would encounter the emotions of those they have harmed. Gaining wisdom in purgatory they would be reincarnated with new found knowledge that would lead them in their future lives.

Instead Death Parade layed on the melodrama and used the surprise factor as entertainment. Trying to establish a hollow emotional connection with the audience they downplayed the gravity of the character’s dilemma. Layering comedic faces and actions throughout the show, just did not fit the tone of Misaki and Kousuke’s life. Death Parade likes to pay attention to the small details, but without a strong core narrative to drive it, it just comes out flat.


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