Death Parade 3

The last episode wasn’t very exciting, but it did introduce us to two new characters. I found Nona to be the more interesting of the two, but from the looks of this episode, she probably won’t appear.  The other woman had a sassy vibe to her, but not much else. Lets see how she plays out in this episode of Death Parade, perhaps she will even get her name.


00:13 – I love the way this tree is drawn. It has a dreamlike feel that supports what I can only assume to be a flashback of our new death game contestants.

01:56 – Look at that high quality jellyfishes.

02:49 – The designs of the characters are so distinct. Also, obviously this is his death scene.

03:09 – She sounds so unenthusiastic. It fits with her character and its kind of funny.


04:12 – Here is the mirror showing a character again. My bets are that she has the one with the hidden agenda, just like how the mirror in the first episode showed the guy.

05:27 – The bowling alley was created the same way as the dart boards? Also they didn’t make it nearly as impressive this time. I was hoping they had a new presentation for each game.

05:49 – Look at the sense of depth in this shot. The bowling alley looks like its 50 meters long.

06:25 – Oh nice this episode doesn’t have death in its name.


07:02 – This guy is literally looking into her heart. I sense a romance coming on.

07:24 – Is this supposed to be a fingering joke or something? The imagery is pretty vivid.

08:25 – Did this bowling alley always have candles and lily pads beside it? Definitely setting the mood for some romance.


09:34 – It looks like a significant amount of time has passed since the previous episode since black haired girl seems to be getting used to it.

10:52 – Looks like I was spot on about the romance. Now how will this go bad, then happily resolve itself.

12:24 – I feel like anime kids are always drawn in less detail.

13:02 – Here comes the sass.

14:23 – The way this is shot makes it mirror how Decim told the black haired girl the secret.


14:55 – The secret doesn’t seem good. I’m glad Madhouse stop doing the over the top facial expressions and stuck with these. They look great.

17:26 – Your not alive in the moment. Or is he? I wonder how going to QuinDecim works in the alive to dead spectrum. Are they ghosts? Apparitions? Spirits?

18:24 – The voice actors did a pretty good job with the “joke” in this scene. Decim’s deadpan delivery worked well with their reactions.

19:27 – They really did not need this flashback to Decim telling her. Everything was really obvious already.

20:05 – Oh shit she got plastic surgery too? Didn’t expect that part. I guess it makes sense since they drew her as “pretty”, and Shigeru noticed her charms since the beginning. I Guess I did need the flashback.

20:34 – Brock had a daughter?!?! No wonder Mai got surgery, she can’t see anything.


20:40 – I like how they showed her half and half with both parts of her image. Who one is in that moment is a combination of past and present, no matter what decisions are made. It also revisited the earlier image of Mai when she looked at herself in the mirror while trying to remember who she was. Now she has faith in her own identity.

20:50 – Yay! Reincarnation for everyone.

21:35 – It’s actually water?

22:43 – Nice meta narrative here. Death Parade is only interesting because we don’t know how the afterlife is and maybe this actually an accurate portrayal of death.


I don’t like how this episode put the woman’s plastic surgery in a positive light. Plastic surgery isn’t inherently bad, but I don’t condone changing one’s looks to get someone else’s approval. Mai was so dependent on him liking her that she changed her face to look more like a childhood crush of his. It ends up pathetic rather than endearing.  With my nitpicking aside, this episode did an alright job in expanding Quindecim. Not only is it a place for people to be judged, but also an opportunity for people to fix the regrets of the living world before being reincarnated.



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