Death Parade 2

Death Parade has raised some compelling ideas about the afterlife and how morality is judged. The previous episode complemented that with some exciting cinematography that brought the mundane darts game some amusement. Disregarding some of the facial expressions, the art had a consistent style that was pleasant to the eyes. I’m looking forward to another episode.

00:27 – Lots of religious undertones here with the light shining down on her and her looking up to it upon awakening.


Is that Spike on the right?


02:18 – Even the side characters are easily distinguishable. I may never know their names, but at least I won’t confuse them with the main characters.

03:06 – The fact that there is a lot of focus on elevators, and that is the vehicle in which one travels to heaven or hell, makes me think one can get out hell. In Buddhism, hell is not eternal damnation, but a place where one can improve and work their way up.

04:10 – So the bar is named after what floor it is on. In latin quinque means 5 and decim, 10.

04:39 – The extent of the word humanity is so broad. People define what makes them human differently, so how does that play into being judged.


05:08 – Nona’s pose is adorable with her hands being held up by the suspenders.

05:20 – Imagine processing a lifetime of memories. If they experience it all at once, it would be a rush of varying emotions. I wonder if that effects how they evaluate the people. Of course they would examine the morality of how they lived, but could empathy sway a decision?

05:56 – Her design is really growing on me.


06:22 – The lighting in this room makes Nona look so sinister. I wish the rest of the show had this kind of color composition. It would add to the mystery and foreboding, but the opening would counteract that.

06:45 – This was my face when I realized we were going to watch the same period of time as the last episode. Generally multiple perspectives of the same thing is difficult to pull off while remaining entertaining.


06:54 – The mosaic episode header really shows the quirky style that Death Parade carries.

08:01 – Noticeable quality drop in some scenes.

09:32 – All these reused frames with expository explanations of what we already know makes me feel like this. Yes, it does really hurt.

09:50 – Become numb to the pain of others. I guess that’s one way to judge without an emotional bias.

11:40 – Any emotional power in these scenes have been stripped away due to the fact that we already know whats going to happen. Not that it had that much in the first place.

12:31 – The memories coming back at the perfect time in the previous episode now makes sense.


12:40 – Just look at this transition shot. Highly stylized and has a personality. The art almost makes me like this show.

13:37 – This symbol seems to represent where they are now. With the center being the tower with many floors, and the yin yang parts being the elevators to rebirth and the void.

14:47 – I can’t get over how much this guy drools.

16:37 – Whose baby it is shouldn’t really be a part of determining who goes to heaven or hell. In my books both of them should go to hell since, Takashi was unable to trust someone, and attempted to assault her. While Machiko just committed adultery.

18:29 – Nona’s face always seem to have a shadow over it. I feel that they are trying to make her menacing here, but with how the rest of design looks, its not working for me.

18:36 – The fact that he messed up scares me. That the being that is supposed to decide whether you reincarnate or lose your soul makes mistakes, and can misplace you terrifies me. They didn’t even rectify the situation! What if the afterlife actually is like that? where another person judges, and wrongly convicts people. Death terrifies and intrigues me at the same time.


20:27 – What a beautiful shot that makes me interested in the world the Arbiters inhabit. The house surrounded by a lake and fog has a dreamlike feel, very appropriate for the afterlife.

22:48 – I couldn’t find any info on what she was reading. Chawot, Chavvot or Chawoi? I have no clue.

Alright that’s it for episode two. Boring episode for me with over 7 minutes of reused frames from the previous episode. All of the new parts of the episode were explanatory exposition. They tried to use the tension of the first episode to keep it entertaining, but that failed due to the fact that we already know whats going to happen. Again the art direction of the show is solid, but it was underutilized in this episode. I want them to show me flashier stuff like the dart board rising in the first episode, or go the route of Mushishi and give me a sense of mystery and wonder like at Nona’s house. I have no idea where they are going with the narrative though, so far I’m leaning to more episodic with new people coming into Quindecim each episode.

Decim and Nona are numbers in latin for 10 and 9, but also allude to the Parcae, more commonly know as the Fates. The Parcae are the three personifications of destiny in Roman mythology, and together they control the metaphorical thread of life.  Nona is the one who spins the thread, Decim measures the thread, while the third, Morta, cuts the thread. I assume Morta will be one of the later characters in Death Parade. I’m interested in how they tie this into the narrative. I hope there is more than just an interesting naming convention that is linked to the afterlife. Death Parade brings some interesting ideas about the afterlife and how one would judge who goes to heaven or hell, but other than that, there is much to be desired. Hopefully the next episode will pick back up again.












One thought on “Death Parade 2

  1. 좋은리뷰입니다!
    처음보는방식인 시간대별로 애니 리뷰를쓰시니
    공감대가 더 잘 형성되는거같아요
    노나를 좋아하시는듯 저도 노나 좋아해요


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