Death Parade 1

By popular demand of the 13 people who took my straw poll, I will be covering Death Parade this season. I believe this has been adapted as a movie before, but I have not seen it yet. Everything will be new to me and hopefully it will be a fun show.

00:46 – The show looks pretty good so far. The character designs have been sort of generic, but this shot in particular was elegant. The water almost looks as if its in a different style than the background, yet it all seems to fit together nicely. I like the solemn blue color scheme as well.


01:01 – This guy reminds me of Ginko from Mushishi with the white bangs covering one eye. Even the eye color matches up.

01:35 – What is even going on with this opening? The song doesn’t really match up with the atmosphere of the prelude and the name of Death Parade.

01:41 – Nudist Beach?

01:52 – I cracked up seeing this and thinking of Ginko making that pose.

02:24 – After listening to this opening, I feel like Death Parade might be a comedy?

03:27 – Oh its one of those shows. Not sure how I feel about this, I guess I will just see where it goes.


04:30 – I am really enjoying the art direction so far. Satisfying facial expressions so far.

04:45 – Wow, look at all the lights reflected in the button.

05:28 – The whole sequence leading up to exposing the dart board was fluid. The camera panning around the room in slow motion following the quick color shift to warm colors was intense.


06:04 – This reminds me of Hunter x Hunter, where a villain had a similar power to throw swordfish at a dartboard and harm his enemies according to where he hit. Again the art design in this show is pretty phenomenal, I mean just look at this dart board again.

06:36 – Decim’s eye is shaped in a cross. Maybe some religious undertones in this show? I remember seeing a devil’s mask mounted somewhere earlier in the show.

06:59 – The squirming body parts on the dart board was clever.


08:13 – Despair. Madhouse doing a great job so far. Though I don’t like death games shows in general, the art is really keeping me interested.

09:19 – The sound effect for this shot made me flinch. The rolled back eyes are a nice touch too.

09:56 – Oh shit, the pure wedding ring got soiled. Everyone is going to die.

10:04 – Before, I wasn’t sure if the guy actually lied or the show just didn’t show the accident well. With the girl also accidentally throwing a dart onto the board, it is clear now that the guy is a jerk.


10:50 – Conveniently pregnant to raise the tension. I thought she didn’t have any memories, except the fact they were on their honeymoon.

11:43 – Of course its going to hit her belly. I didn’t even need to see the rest of the scene.

12:46 – conveniently remembering more things to raise the tension. Nice use of the mirror to change up how we view the characters expressions.

14:31 – Selective amnesia strikes again!


15:40 – I guess you can’t nail all of the facial expressions Madhouse. Instead of looking amazed by the cherry blossoms she kind of looks paralyzed with a smile on her face. I haven’t spent enough time with these characters to care for them and all of these flashbacks are not helping with this “sad” scene.

15:50 – That transition into the wedding scene was pretty slick.

15:59 – Oh they are already dead. I guess this is a purgatory of some sorts then?

16:55 – The game decides who goes to heaven or hell? I hope the afterlife isn’t like this in reality. I’d be terrified to know that its an arbitrary game that decides whether you go to heaven or hell.


18:30 – What the hell happened Madhouse. The faces were pretty good until this. Why is he so deformed. I get the agony of realizing you have just died, but this is not it. Way too over the top for my taste.

18:38 – He looks constipated. Got to eat more fiber man.

18:48 – Why is he drooling so much?

19:25 – Oh she did have an affair. Doesn’t look too much like love though.

19:39 – Where the hell did the villain laugh come from? These faces are actually making me cringe.


20:34 – DO YOU SEE THIS SALIVA BEARD? I can’t take this show seriously at all.

20:41 – Good to know that Ginko is cool in this show too.

21:05 – The game doesn’t decide who goes to hell and heaven? So it must be the Decim. That’s really interesting, yet scary idea. Another “human?” is the judge of where you are sent in the afterlife. Ideas of morality are dependent on each person and culture, so how would that work?


22:36 – Who are these people? The girl on the right has the same eyes as Decim, perhaps they are related in some way. I like how each of them have a very distinct character design.

Death Parade has some interesting ideas, but if it is trying to connect with me on an emotional level it is failing. I was unable to really get into the show as the climax was filled with exaggerated faces that ruined the mood for me. The background art and cinematography is outstanding, but it is obvious in its delivery. The character designs were solid as well and overall Death Parade is a quality production. Too bad this type of show is not for me. I like shows that are a little more subtle, while Death Parade just marches its ideas in front of ones face. Perhaps the next episode will be more to my taste.


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