Ikkicon 2015 – The Cosplay

With every nerd convention comes an enormous amount of people in costume, and I am here to bring you the best of Ikkicon 2015. Throughout the three days of Ikkicon, a friend and I have compiled 154 pictures of cosplay ranging from Yoko Littner to Batman.

Let’s begin with some of the more odd, and comedic cosplays.




Terrible Pokeball accident


Santa Deadpool

BananaDeadpool + unkown

I don’t even know what is going on



Before I announce my top 10 cosplays from Ikkicon 2015 I want to show some groups that did an excellent job portraying many characters from their franchise.


Bleach Crew

Kyoshi Warriors from Avatar the Last Airbender

Kyoshi Warriors from Avatar the Last Airbender

Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls

Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls

Vegeta and Nappa from Dragonball Z

Vegeta and Nappa from Dragonball Z

League of Legends crew

League of Legends crew

MadokaCrew 2

Madoka Crew


Protoman and Megaman



Excuse the quality of the Kyoshi Warriors photo, but sometimes its difficult to quickly take a picture without creating a road block in the halls of the convention. Now onto my top 10 single character cosplays from Ikkicon 2015.

10.  Something from I don’t know


I have no idea where this character is from, but it looks way too good to exclude from the list. He probably would be higher on the list if I knew where he was from.

9. Amon from The Legend of Korra


Though I still haven’t seen Avatar the Last Air Bender or its successor, I still think this guy looks cool. I want to start watching but since it has so many episodes, I am discouraged from watching it.

8. Zabuza from Naruto


Whenever I see cosplay of Naruto, the nostalgia hits me and it makes me forget why I ever dropped the show. The first few arcs were entertaining, and if it didn’t drag the plot to the crawling pace it did, I would appreciate Naruto more. I asked Zabuza how he made the cosplay and the sword was actually carved out of styrofoam. The arc with Zabuza is the one arc I remember most and he did an excellent job recreating him

7. Vayne from League of Legends

LoL Vayne

A phenomenal Vayne cosplay with almost everything made by hand. Lots of League of Legends cosplay at this event. I was expecting some, but the number of league costumes even outweighed the number of Link and Kirito costumes combined.

6. Caitlyn from League of Legends


Most of the League of Legends cosplayers had very good costumes and here is another one. The tilted hat is too perfect. Though as a fanatical Dota 2 player I was a little disappointed that there was no cosplays for Dota, I still support the League of Legends scene.

5. Buu from Dragon Ball Z


A classic villain from Dragon Ball Z, Buu is a difficult character to cosplay but he makes it work.

4. Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann

Yoko 4

The classic sexy cosplay of Yoko Littner. Any con would be incomplete without somebody cosplaying as her.

3. Jawa from Star Wars


A little kid cosplaying as a Jawa from Star Wars was amazing. You could not see the kid’s face and it made the eyes so creepy.

2. Yui Hirisawa from K-ON

Yui Hirasawa

This cosplayer has a lot of dedication, lugging a guitar around the convention center all day. I forgot to ask her if she actually knew how to play guitar or not. I wonder if she only bought the guitar for the Yui cosplay. Either way its adorable, and makes me excited for Kyoto Animation’s new jazz music, moe show called Hibike! Euphonium.

1. Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter


I was sad that I did not get to see any Gon or Killua cosplay but at least we got Hisoka and Kurapika. I thought that with the ending of Hunter x Hunter there would be more, but I guess without a dub it will not become a big hit in America. Funimation I want to give you my money, so please dub Hunter x Hunter.

Of all of the pictures those were my top 10 cosplays. They might not be the best costumes of the bunch, but when asking for a picture their poses made the cosplays work. Also I have a bias toward most of these characters, because I have actually seen, and enjoyed the show they reside in. That’s all for the Ikkicon 2015 posts. It was a fun con but since I was unable to attend the raves it was not my favorite. I plan for San Japan to be my next anime convention, but until then, back to my regular anime posts. If you have any conventions near you I urge you to try to attend one. Meeting people of similar interests while having a good time is well worth the money.



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