Ikkicon 2015 – The Merchandise

Ikkicon 2015 was a blast and now that it is over it’s time to present the spoils of my adventures. I didn’t have too much money to get anime swag but with the amount of temptation in the dealer’s room I splurged a little bit. I ended up getting 4 anime posters, all from the same artist zzyzzy. You can check out her other works on deviantart but I ended up getting two Hunter x Hunter posters.


Like my ghetto way of hanging up posters?


I awarded Hunter x Hunter for best Shounen of 2014, and have been searching for some Hunter x Hunter merchandise since the Chimera ant arc started so when I saw these in the dealer’s room it was an instant purchase. I also picked up a Parasyte poster for myself so I can have some more recent anime up on my wall.

ParasytePosterThe last poster I picked up from zzyzzy was a Kill la Kill poster that will be a late Christmas gift for a friend. He is obsessed with this show and Satsuki. He even owns shoes with the faces of Ryuko and Satsuki.

KillLaKillPosterAll the posters are signed by the artist zzyzzy but I also waited in line and got the Kill la Kill poster signed by Carrie Keranen, the English voice of Satsuki. Meeting Carrie Keranen was an interesting experience, she was very energetic, upbeat, and easy to talk to. After telling Carrie I was giving the poster to a buddy of mine, she told me a story of framing an artwork of Mako from Kill la Kill and giving it to Christine Cabanos, the English voice actor of Mako.

Me and Carrie Keranen

Damn my Asian eyes

I was also able to pick up a small Yotsuba badge that is super adorable.

YotsubaBadgeThough Ikkicon 2015 was successful there were a couple things that were disappointing and I want to be changed by 2016. I know this particular fault won’t change but I still want to mention it. The ridiculously expensive prices of DVDs and Blu Rays. Every time I looked at a physical copy of an anime I wanted, I checked on Amazon to see if they sold it cheaper and they almost always did. The prices were not even comparable, the copies on Amazon were being sold for 15-20$ cheaper. There were a few exceptions such as the sold out, Funimation exclusive, Cowboy Bebop Blu Ray, but otherwise it was always cheaper to buy online. The second thing I was disappointed in was the lack of merchandise for lesser known shows. I always have this complaint at cons, but I hope one day this will change. Shows like Ping Pong the Animation and Mushishi had zero commodity representation at Ikkicon which is a shame.

Here is my wishlist of merchandise I want to find at my next con.


  1. Anything Ping Pong the Animation
  2. Anything Mushishi
  3. 5 Centimeters Per Second (anything other than the movie advertisement poster since it looks ugly)
  4. Anything Chihayafuru
  5. More Ghost in the Shell (We even have the new Arise movies coming)
  6. Evangelion Posters (it’s 2015 the year of Evangelion)
  7. Anything Barakamon
  8. Anime T-Shirt, still haven’t found one I really liked.

Bonus gift from my Sister in Law for Christmas




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