Hanamonogatari 4

We left off with Numachi Rouka finishing her story of collecting misfortune and devil parts. Personally, I am not too invested in Numachi Rouka herself, but I can see how her story is going to help Suruga move forward. Hopefully we get to see some other familiar characters make appearances as well.

1:11:42 – Interesting depiction of what I can only assume to be Numachi’s sister. When talking about her own sister they still depicted her as faceless, like everyone else unimportant in the monogatari series.


1:12:09 – Raining blood in a picture book story. Very ominous and creepy.

1:12:28 – Life is not like a fairy tale.

1:13:25 – What a sad response. How can you possibly live that long to only have the first time you want to help someone be in high school.


1:14:23 – Akiyuki Shinbo is so good at finding ways to spice up dialogue. The tears mirror how the raining blood fell in the picture book story that was ripped apart.

1:15:29 – The ring singles out Numachi.


1:16:20 – Again with the rigid lines of the track. Even though Numachi is no longer crippled she still lives her life stuck in the misery of being unable to play basketball.

1:17:46 – This shot is crazy with so much going on.

1:18:02 – Numachi doesn’t wish to help others, but also does not have a wish for herself, living a hollow life without any goal.

1:18:36 – But you can still experience those things as long as your alive Numachi!


1:19:29 – A true fujoshi, sleeping on her Yaoi books.

1:20:24 – I didn’t expect this, but looking back it makes sense. Numachi always chooses to run away from her problem, and suicide is the way to run away from life. Also it goes with how choices cause you to lose out on whole identities you could have had.

1:20:28 – Beautiful frame of the cherry blossoms. Suruga has finally escaped the Devil arm and is free to start anything she wants to, yet it is dark as she has Numachi living as a ghost hanging over her shoulders.

1:21:31 – At times like these where I have no idea what to do I too often run or do some mindless exercise.

1:22:17 – In this way though it almost looks like Suruga is running away from her thoughts of Numachi. This was a really cool scene for me though.




1:22:43 – These two lines after concluding this scene was magical for me. If you worry all the time about how things are going to happen, then you are never going to get far. A problem I have all the time. Being very indecisive because I tend to worry about how the choices will effect my life. Will I be missing out on something because I chose one way or another? It doesn’t matter because I won’t get anywhere if I don’t decide.

1:23:02 – Reminiscent of Bakemonogatari.


1:23:45 – YES! Araragi! with a new look too. I wonder where Shinobu is though.

1:23:54 – I really adore the character designs in this show, and think Suruga is so adorable. Especially when she is bantering with Araragi.

1:24:28 – Charlie Brown? what are you doing here?

1:24:35 – Araragi is one of those car models.


1:24:47 – Look at her face. So cute.

1:25:24 – Nothing ever really works out as planned. Also Suruga’s body proportions look really weird here.

1:25:35 – I know that feeling.

1:25:44 – Aw. Now are we going to see a grown up Senjougahara too?


1:25:48 – Araragi really knows how to comfort people. Another crossroad for Suruga, more choices to make.

1:25:55 – I think this is the first real smile that Suruga has had through all the episodes so far.

1:26:10 – This resonates with me so much. After I had quit swimming and graduated high school I had a bit of an identity crisis.

1:26:39 – So true. I act very differently around my different groups of friends.

1:27:12 – Whenever I feel like this I try to push myself to do something.


1:27:23 – I love how when they talk about Numachi the car is literally just driving through an endless tunnel.

1:28:03 – Look at that cute Shinobu key chain.


1:28:17 – My favorite line from Bakemonogatari, it reminds me a lot of Evangelion.

1:28:52 – Ignore the advice of others and just do what you want.

1:29:09 – Though I think Suruga should have learned this on her own, having Araragi come and give advice to Suruga is not bad either. At least we get to see him. He almost seems like a side character nowadays.

1:29:56 – Its good to see Suruga so peppy again.


1:29:58 – A new horizon for Suruga who has found a new ideal and purpose in her life, accompanied by cherry blossoms.

I think that is the end of the of the fourth episode, it did not have the tag for the beginning of the 5th episode but it sure seemed like where it ended. I really enjoyed this episode with Araragi coming in to also give advice to Suruga. Though I do not think it was necessary for Araragi to come in and help. Suruga should have been able to come up with this conclusion herself, but sometimes when your lost all you need is a little shove in the right direction.


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