Hanamonogatari 3

It has been an unforgivable amount of time since my last episodic of Hanamonogatari, but I am finally going to finish it. We left off with Kanbaru being a little lost after losing not only basketball but Araragi and Senjougahara too. She later finds out that Numachi was the collector of the devil parts and has confronted her on taking back her devil arm.

48:58 – I am totally lost on what the huge N and H on the stands are there for.

49:02 – In a previous shot of Kanbaru, she was looking out her own room into the light. Now she is within it. Perhaps the light represents choices and it shows that she is trapped between them right now?


49:12 – Numachi is walking around a lot for someone who needs a crutch. I am guessing she has the devil leg already.

49:34 – This totally looks like a “I am so fucking good” face.

51:00 – The basketball court is lines like a track, again representing the paths one could take in life, but here Kanbaru and Numachi are not walking a long the paths, but just lying down across the lines. They are stuck between choices and do not have direction.


51:29 – Here it returns to the basketball court split into two sides, one for each character. Basketball is the center of both of their lives but it is all mixed up with other courts drawn onto the ground. Kanbaru and Numachi are both in the same state, stuck and trying to move forward.

52:43 – Maybe Numachi wasn’t one of those pure basketball players…

52:46 – Oh Yeah! Maybe Kanbaru and Numachi had a thing back in the day. Guess not…

52:48 – Numachi kind of reminds me of Shinobu in this frame, but it could just be Shaft’s style playing tricks on me.


52:51 – Each shadow represents an unfulfilled identify caused by a choice they made.

52:56 – Numachi, now you just look like a stripper.

53:18 – An interesting idea, but you become even happier after overcoming those misfortunes.

53:47 – What a tease.

53:53 – Yes.

54:24 – Does this imply that Kanbaru could even dunk in Junior High? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised in a show that has apparitions.

54:58 – What a weak shower scene from Shaft.


55:57 – Numachi has been stuck in the spiral of basketball all these years, unable to let go after she became crippled. You can tell from how she dresses, in a track suit, always ready to play ball.

56:47 – That was obvious.

58:07 – Balloon that rises faster and above all the rest. Numachi too good, apparently, but every balloon has to pop under the pressure and fall eventually.

59:31 – Spirals are often used as a symbol for a lifetime, but I wonder why they are spiraling down the steps instead of up. Perhaps to show Numachi’s descent into becoming the Devil.

1:00:38 – A pool is very similar to a track, except the water slows you down I guess?


1:01:18 – Cool shot that darkened everything around Numachi causing the reflection of the water to become more pronounced in the background.

1:01:29 – Oh the butterflies are all the students that flocked to her after she got injured.

1:02:27 – Interesting word Schadenfreude. Looked it up and it means Harm-Joy in German, but it is when you take pleasure in the misfortune in others.

1:03:29 – Again with the water and rippling effects on the wall.


1:06:00 – The basketballs are locked in place in the air, because Numachi is trapped within her own misery of being unable to play basketball, so she resorts to collecting misfortune to comfort herself. Quite a sad story, but I do not care enough about her yet to care.

1:07:50 – Their lives are being set in motion again.


1:08:53 – Interesting black and white film style. I especially like the art that depicts Numachi, it feels messy yet it gives her a bone like look that she is a husk of her former self.

1:09:39 – Kaiki is even cool in black white pencil drawn form. His coat looks like a cape flowing in the wind.


1:10:08 – I’m assuming that’s the Kanji for Devil in her eyes. Typical Akiyuki Shinbo style though.

That’s a wrap. As always Akiyuki Shinbo delivers with his imagery and symbolism in the background to entertain while the characters continue their dialogue. All the advice Kanbaru is getting to solve her identity crisis and move forward with her life is pretty bad so far. Kaiki was a little better but now Numachi is just telling her to run away from her problems again. Look at how that worked out for her, she is literally turning into a devil. Hopefully Kanbaru will be able to confront her problems, make a choice and move on with her life, whatever it may be. Also I want to see a graduated Senjougahara and Arararagi.u


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