Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 11

The previous episode featured Kuzuki and Caster defeating our dynamic duo, though Archer was not in that battle. It would have been cool to see Archer and Emiya fighting side by side with the same swords. Kuzuki’s fight are some of the best choreography of fights in anime. The exchanges between Saber and Kuzuki had constant back and forths and reversal of situations without having the characters explain the situation, something that happens too often in anime. Sadly I do not think their will be action in this episode, but their should be some interesting ideas represented instead.


00:48 – proceed to writhe in pain when alone. Kind of dumb pride Shirou has, but I can understand and probably do the same thing too.


03:31 – I would hate any teacher that would do this. It is not even in the right class period.

03:44Everyone gets a quiz!

04:24 – Home late but making lunch. What kind of school is this? Or perhaps, when do they eat lunch?

05:08 – I wonder what he is thinking about? I am still not sure why he closed the door either. Sometimes I feel that Shirou is perfectly comfortable around Rin, but then in others he just becomes socially awkward. Who would just close the door on a friend who has saved his life? I think Rin’s anger is justified.


05:24 – Rin looks like one of those anime punks that threaten the Main Character.

05:27 – Shirou is such a pushover, apologizing for missing an unplanned meeting.

06:11 – Why is he so awkward?


07:17 – Rin is the cutest when she is teasing someone.

07:50 – Literally just laid on the ground and admitted defeat.

08:28 – Fujimura is such a good comic relief character. It actually makes sense that someone was there to take care of Shirou, so it feels like she wasn’t just added just to be there.

09:06 – The voice actor of Fujimura did a good job making it sound like she is trying to justify herself desperately, while being in a losing position. Bonus face!


09:47 – He sounds so annoyed that the girl he has admired is staying over at his house.

10:56 – Everyone thinks Rin is the tsundere of the show, but no, it was actually me SHIROU! Stop being so Tsun Shirou.

11:11 – Hidden best girl?


11:33 – I guess I have to accept the fact that magic can contain emotion in this world.

12:07 – This picture is interesting because it is not quite symmetrical yet it still frames the two characters and draws the audience’s eyes. Even though it is not quite the center, it feels like Rin and Shirou are centered.

12:40 – Lots of nice Rin faces in this episode. This one showcasing a wistful Rin.

13:20 – Another way of life that contradicts how Shirou acts. Hedonist live for the pursuit of pleasure, while Shirou rejects self-indulgence.


13:51 – A seriously worried Rin face now.

14:35 – Shirou doesn’t understand the difference between doing things for yourself, and doing things for others. Here he doesn’t enjoy what he is doing but feels that it his duty to save others. Not only because of Kuritsugu but also because he was once saved from death.

15:32 – Typical women (please don’t kill me).

15:34 – Pissed off Rin is the 2nd cutest Rin face.


16:50 – Really cool lighting, but I found it odd that it was so bright outside for it being night. I am just going to think of it as Saber lighting up the room.

17:49 – Again the light shines on Saber but no Shirou. Perhaps because Shirou is troubled and doesn’t understand what to do now that everyone is challenging his ideas, while Saber is still does not question her own. Probably just reading too far into it, but it really is such a stark contrast in this shot.

18:41 – Archer and his condescending tone is both cool and annoying at the same time.

19:32 – Easy power up  by screaming in that fight versus Kuzuki. I guess that is why Shirou became a million times faster after projecting the blades.


20:16 – Again they cut to the lower face whenever they talk about something interesting and I want to see their emotions. Though I guess for Archer, showing emotions on his sleeve is not really in character.

21:07 – This line reminds me of Monogatari and Oshino when he says “Because she is the only one who can save herself”

21:52 – Before when Shirou’s ideals were being challenged he would lash back at them fervently. Now Shirou only meekly denies that what Archer said.


This episode had a lot of fun with Rin and Fujimura in the beginning which then lead into some serious delving into Shirou. We also learned a lot about Rin and her ideals. She has a responsibility to her father to continue being a mage, but if she did not like it she would have stopped. This tells me that Rin is not haunted by her father and family, but only continues it because she wishes to respect them and enjoys it herself. Every character in Fate/Stay Night is compared to Shirou and it has an interesting dynamic. We can easily see Shirou changing and doubting his old beliefs. No spectacular action today, but still solid.



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