Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 10

Finals are almost over! Once I finish my last final I will try to be put our some more content so look forward to that. We left off with Shirou and Rin trying to figure out who the master of Caster was. They checked Issei but he lacked a command seal so he is out of suspicion. That episode also had a lot of ideas of what heroism was and Shirou’s character motivations. Hopefully this episode continues with that trend.


00:33 – That is some interesting imagery for Archer. It looks like he is jaded or corrupted by the swords.

00:46 – I do not remember what part this image is from. Anyone have any ideas?

00:47 – This one will be explained later though, it is a pretty interesting idea, but I do not want to spoil it. This whole sequence will seem so cool once you know what’s going on.

01:19 – Again this constant uses of clocks and time for Archer.

01:34 – The irony of these statements that Archer makes is actually hilarious.


02:46 – The mixed emotions on Rin’s face is actually so good.

05:20 – We need more jokes like this in anime! Less gags more of this!

06:35 – Rin looks a little too happy to shoot her teacher with magic. I wish I could shoot my physics professor with magic right now.

06:58 – Rin totally knows how to handle Shirou now.


07:13 – I really like the look of this frame. Also Shirou is finally learning to depend on Saber a bit. A big improvement from the Fate route if you have seen or played it.

08:58 – The rippling effect of the field perfectly displays what it does visually. Great stuff Ufotable.

09:40 – Only give him a cold? It set his umbrella on fire!

10:40 – “Fuck the plan”

11:04 – I like how they show Caster’s irritation. It really plays into her back story which you will learn later.


12:08 – Shirou sounds like he will kill Kuzuki, but that isn’t really in his character. I wonder what he meant by no mercy.

12:20 – The relief on Shirou’s face which then leads into confusion is so great.

12:33 – This idea that Kuzuki states sounds terrible, but in reality everyone employs it on a daily bases. We do not mourn for every death in the world, and if we tried to we would break under the pressure. This, similar to Archer, refutes Shirou’s ideal situation of saving everyone.

13:05 – Kuzuki is really just a teacher for Shirou here. He is just telling Shirou to stop shouldering the burden of others.


13:35 – Ufotable really has a knack of making flashy animation that portrays what’s happening without it feeling absurd.

13:46 – Kuzuki doesn’t even care.

14:35 – That’s the stance that defines Kuzuki in the visual novels.

14:38 – This “move” was a bit more vague than some of the others throughout the show, but I think it still got the general idea across.

14:44 – More anime needs this type of thing in fights.


14:49 – Kuzuki is such a bad ass in this fight.

15:41 – The rapid change in colors really add some impact to the hits.

15:51 – Get wrecked! I can’t help but laugh at Shirou’s face though. Save money in that frame so you can get a good close up in the next!

16:18 – I think that animation studios are too afraid to make ugly faces, but sometimes it is needed. More things like this! not ridiculousness of Higurashi faces or anything.


16:38 – That’s some determination.

16:41 – This scene is just done so well. Lots of cool images.

16:45 – Not really a fan of the black screen after all of the build up. I like the use of silence though. I wish they went straight to the next scene but made that part just the sounds of the fight.

16:53 – I get the sudden increase in power, but what about the sudden increase in speed and skill?

20:03 – “Get your hand off me”


20:35 – This is another idea that counters Shirou’s. Even though he prioritizes the morals of humans. Shirou doesn’t really do anything to please himself, does that make him inhuman?

21:26 – What are these panning shots of this random green room… I guess they got to save money somewhere.

21:33 – These worms are so creepy.

21:39 – I wonder if we would really find that many people without value to this world. You would have to define what value is though which is a very subjective thing.

That’s a wrap for this episode. Lot’s of stuff to talk about especially Kuzuki and the unnamed servant. Anime is a very symbolic in nature due to literally everything being created from the ground up. For Shirou I feel that he is symbol for human virtue and morals, especially in the Fate route. It begins to be questioned by the other character’s around them which are symbols for their own ideals. Archer is very utilitarian in nature and believes that the sacrifice of others is worth it if the net gain is larger. This idea is a theme of Fate/Zero and it’s main character Kuritsugu While on the other hand Kuzuki has a more individual approach where each person cares for themselves. Finally there is the extreme of the unnamed servant that wants to remove everything that is unnecessary in the world. These clashing of ideas is what I enjoy in Fate/Stay Night, and even though it has been prevalent in previous episodes I really think it moved to the forefront here. Best episode so far, I am looking forward to the next.



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