Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 9

Again, I apologize for releasing this episodic out a day late. I usually watch this show with my roommate but he was busy on Saturday night, so we ended up watching it on Sunday.  We left off with the grotesque death of Rider leaving a question of who was the one that disposed of her. Sadly Shinji was left to escape  to the church now that his servant was defeated.


00:15 – Nothing much really happened in this intro before the opening, but I just wanted to mention that his close up running looked really clean. I wonder why they decided to focus on those frames so much.

02:16 – Got to have a little bit of angry Rin each episode.

03:23 – I have never realized that Saber was that short, and Archer that tall, until I saw this. The banter of chivalry and what defines a hero was prettying interesting between Saber and Archer as well.

05:28 – Aww, Shirou is so cute and innocent blushing at something like that.


05:48 – I actually found this hilarious. We need more playful banter between Rin and Archer.

06:09 – Cute, but adamant.


07:54 – YES! Retribution. Just think of what it must do to Shinji’s pride that he is the first person ever to use the church as a refuge from the war.

08:22 – I perfectly ran away like a little bitch. Why did my servant die?

08:44 – These are the type of people that annoy me the most. Those that blame others for their own actions.


09:16 – I really enjoy how Ufotable makes Kotomine’s eyes. They are so blank and without emotion.

10:28 – Taiga is such a good friend to Sakura. She is always trying to push Shirou together with Sakura.

11:04 – Since when did Rin get so touchy without some action to cause it. I definitely wouldn’t mind though, and if I remember correctly there should be more of it this episode. I like how the person that passes by just stops to watch them too, before they show the big shot of everyone spectating. The only thing this is lacking is the usual ufotable quality. You can see the obvious drop compared to some of the other images. I guess they have to cut somewhere to have those amazing fight scenes.


11:59 – That’s a creep face you got there Rin. Invoking a now signature face from Shirou.

12:44 – At least someone knows Shirou is a dumb ass sometimes.

13:01 – The build up to this scene was so perfect.

13:38 – Haha they made him look so violated here. Shirou looks like he enjoyed the stripping a little too much too.


15:03 – This sounds like old romance music.

15:46 – When I imagined this scene in the Visual novel I always thought it would be in a much more narrow alley way. In this it just looks like Rin is pushing herself onto Shirou.

16:41 – Rin has the best comedy faces in the show. She always looks so smug yet not annoying like Shinji.

17:37 – Why does she look so appalled.


18:17 – I am actually kind of starting to dislike when Ufotable doesn’t show the entire face for emotional moments like this. It should be a big deal but instead they are just cutting corners and removing the need to have to animate the face and her expression. They are so good at it during action and comedy why can’t they pull off the heart touching parts too?

20:35 – Shirou was a hypocritical little kid. Bully kids to stop bullying other kids.

20:31 – The major theme of Fate/Zero wrapped up into one little line from Taiga.


21:30  – Thank god Ufotable isn’t leaving out the best parts. What really makes a hero? Why do people become them? And how is what they do different than what others do?

21:39 – Okay this is annoying now.

21:48 – Oh the irony.

I enjoyed quite a bit of this episode, which is surprising since I generally don’t enjoy the non-action episodes of Fate/Stay Night. They tend to be heavy on the exposition side while not progressing the characters as much as I would like, but today they changed that. Again Shirou is questioning his ideals and why he wants to become a hero. As for Rin we get a little more insight into her background with some foreshadowing for future reveals in Heaven’s Feel. Sadly we will not to get to deep into it in this route as Unlimited Blade Works has more focus on Shirou’s development and action. Solid episode that kept me through the week though, now time to study for finals.


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