Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 8

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We left off with Archer almost killing Shirou and Saber resolving to come back and finish the fight with Assasin. I can’t quite remember the events that happen directly following in the visual novel, but if it follows the current pattern of how episodes of going, it should slow down a bit and set up for the next episode.

00:14 – Shirou. Why are your nails painted red? I bet this is Tohsaka’s fault.


00:25 – On a more serious note, this actually looks extremely painful. I wonder if you would even feel blades imploding inside of you or would it be so painful you would just pass out.

03:03 – After one day of training you can eliminate all wasted movement. I should just train for a day and become a master swordsman.

03:26 – I actually adore this guilt trip teasing that Saber does that plays on Shirou’s innocence.


04:45 – Look at the classmates’ face. He is like wtf is wrong with this guy. I find Shinji’s laugh to more funny than ominous.

05:25 – Tohsaka pouting is pretty cute too.


05:39 – This classmate of Shirou’s cracks me up.

08:54 – Rider is actually such a cool Servant, but it just had to be Shinji.

10:22 – I wish they had more scenes of Rin dissing Shinji.

11:03 – Too obviously CG for my tastes but I guess it gets the job done.


12:32 – That’s a creepy face you got there Shirou. Perhaps to show how he has cutoff his emotion? Or maybe it is more how Tohsaka is seeing him after he fails to react in a typical way to the many unconscious bodies. Judging from the next frame, its probably the latter.

13:17 – For those who have seen the fate route, here one of the noticeable changes in Shirou between Fate and Unlimited Blade Works. In fate Shirou was more likely to take on this burden himself, but at least he understands his weakness more in UBW and depends on Saber.


13:40 – I couldn’t just find one clean picture to show how amazing the animation was for the Saber summoning scene. So Instead I have a retrieved a web video from Reddit instead. Ufotable is really a master of making things epic, with clean animation and an amazing sound and atmosphere to back it up.

15:37 – Just look at his disfigured face.

16:14 – This scene felt like one of those Hollywood horror films where the camera follows the monster’s point of view as it chases the victim down.

16:49 – That booty though.


17:03 – It seems that Caster has taken an interest in Saber. Who wouldn’t though with Saber being so adorable. 1703

17:09 – A magical shot with the red from the barrier and the purple butterflies flying away, leaving Saber surrounded by the darkness.

17:54 – That’s what you get for making fun of the main character.

18:49 – How Ufotable panned to show the grotesque state of Rider’s body was actually pretty effective. I was quite disturbed as I saw her face twisted. I also love the color scheme of this episode. The purple and red work together but in this shot in particular they make sure to make the red bright to center the shot on Rider even though she was not the center of the screen.


18:51 – The way Uftoable took away the music and let the neck cracking take over your ears sent shivers down my spine. If its getting a little too heavy though you can watch this.

20:13 – Let Shirou take off some of the burden off your shoulders Rin. That’s all he is good for anyways.

21:40 – Oh how the fire still haunts Shirou. Whenever it comes up in conversation and Shirou remembers it they always cut to the lower half of his face. Not sure if there is a better way to do it, but it doesn’t seem that impactful to me.

Fortunately this episode did not fall under the pattern and was quite action packed. Whenever the exposition takes over the show I feel a little bored, but I think this episode had a good balance of it. Sadly though it lacked the character that makes other’s more interesting through interactions, Archer. We did not get the clash of ideals this episode but only a small reminder of Shirou’s past and Rin learning a little more about Shirou. Not too many stand out shots to take pictures of but masterful animation as always from Ufotable, they really know where to put the money and where to cut without making it too noticeable.


One thought on “Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 8

  1. As to the blades imploding out of you–yes, you would indeed feel it!
    The visual novel has an extended portion where his body rips itself apart as parts of it turn into swords.
    Shirou’s really good at remaining conscious through nasty pain.


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