Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 7

I seem to always procrastinate until after I have watched Fate and written my blog post for the episode. So after completing this post I will continue to not sleep and work on physics homework. Hopefully the episode will be worth my terrible grade in physics.

00:35 – Why does everyone have to hate on Assassin? Though he is underwhelming hero, he has a fun whimsical personality, and I like his idea at least.


02:18 – I wonder who comes up with the names of these episodes. Very indicative of what is going to happen this episode, but not really all that interesting. At least we get to start the episode with some Saber, Assassin action.

04:27 – We always see this scene of two swordsmen at a stand off with one another each not making a move. I wonder if this actually happens in real sword fights.

05:38 – Archer always knows how to press people’s buttons and annoy them.

06:12 – I will be honest and say that I forgot what happened at this part and thought Caster got wrecked.


06:24 – The lighting in this shot makes Shirou’s surprised face look so much better.

07:11 – Confirmed, Caster is a butterfly.

08:02 – Shirou gets his life saved and his still bitter to his savior. Why is he so dumb sometimes.

08:18 – I would like to see him try.


08:23 – The way they make Shirou hit the ground it actually has impact. In some other shows whenever they get thrown around they feel too floaty and you don’t get the intensity of the impact.

08:56 – I wish they showed him throwing the swords before hand instead of it just happening.

09:18 – The Engrish makes this not as cool as it should be.

09:29 – When did Goku get in this show?


10:26 – The sound effects and the visual style of Assasin’s noble phantasm, Tsubame Gaeshi, was actually phenomenal. It portrayed the attack well and made it seem way more bad ass than it was in the visual novel.

11:21 – I have always wondered if Caster already knew or not. If you haven’t read the VN this line may not make much sense yet.


14:43 – This leaf being cut by the sword is actually so minute that I missed it the first time through, but is a cool detail that makes Assassin that much cooler.

15:17 – As the topic of Archer’s conversation darkens so does the temple’s coloring. A cool touch that works in the physical sense as well because Caster has left with her purplish hue magic.


16:11 – The parallels of ideas between Archer and Shirou is what really drives the Unlimited Blade Works route, and Ufotable using good shot framing to highlight that fact. Here archer and Shirou are back to back easily dividing the screen into two separate parts for your eyes. They even use the clouds in this shot centered between them to help split the screen.

16:36 – This line adds so much to the scene in hindsight. It implies that it was his plan all along, but why did he save Shirou earlier then?

16:45 – I like how they show that Shirou had acted on instinct to Archer and that was why he did not suffer a fatal wound.


17:22 – Holy shit, that trail of blood. Shirou got pretty damn far while bleeding out.

18:52 – The constant rustling of leaves keeps the tension up during this scene, while allowing time for Saber and Assassin to have their little exchange in between the action of this episode.

19:03 – I love how the sword is in the middle of this frame showing its protection of Saber and Shirou, while making Archer look that much more bad ass.

19:37 – The short sequence between Archer and Assassin was cool, but had too much spinning for my tastes. Whenever it gets too much like acrobatics you lose the impact of each individual attack. Ufotable often has this problem and it was really prevalent in Fate/Zero but they have been toning it down as of late and really nailed it in the Berserker scenes.

21:43 – This line will be hilarious in retrospect.


23:18 – A clue for those who don’t know the “surprise” of Unlimited Blade Works, or for those who do know a little detail Ufotable added. During this scene where Shirou talks to himself you see his reflection in the glass. It also is a nice as it reuses the exact lines of Fate/Zero’s Kiritsugu.

A fun episode filled with action and character development. I think episodes like these are where Ufotable and Fate in general shines. We get the beautiful action sequences interlaced with dialogue that actually shows that characters have a personality outside of their pre-established tropes. Combined with great attention to detail that allows viewers that watch diligently with some small facts that can help you understand character motivations better and lead to the plot twists. A great episode that doesn’t have a bunch of boring exposition like some Fate episodes.


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