Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 6

The truce between Shirou and Rin has been made to find the third Master at the school, who has setup a boundary that threatens the life of everyone inside. Though the episode itself was lackluster compared to previous episodes, future invents predicts some intense action. I hope that episode 6 follows through.

00:04 – Of course we got to start with Ufotable’s, now trademark, scenic transition. I feel like this particular shot was made with someone’s point of view in mind, perhaps Archer’s?


00:13 – Walking around in the middle of the night with a bloody arm, and blood stained clothes. Not suspicious at all.

00:36 – Archer always has the most bad ass appearances.

00:47 – This is the first time that Archer has explicitly told the audience about his hostility toward Shirou. Though there were a lot of shots and lines that already implied it. This drive for Archer to harm Shirou is probably the thing I find most interesting about his character.

02:37 – What an interesting angle for the camera, I wonder what the reason behind it. Maybe its to show how Archer looks down upon Shirou.

03:11 – There are a couple things I really liked about this shot. First of all the detail in the fact you can see Archer in the small mirror above both of them. Second is how they parallel Shirou and Archer with the light dividing them. This will be important later in the show.


03:37 – Lights are often used as symbolism for ideas such as the whole thing where a light bulb appears over a character’s head when he gets an idea. In this particular case they use the flicker lights above Shirou and Archer as a symbol of Shirou’s wavering ideals due to Archer speaking to him. I hope they bring this back for later episodes when there are more philosophical conversations between the two.

05:36 – Yay! Mitsuzuri is back! Though she doesn’t look to be in great shape. The expression on her face is so good for the scene though.


07:52 – He is actually going to spar with her after getting stabbed in the arm by the other servants

07:55 – Best girl, with the cutest smile.

08:30 – I just want to punch that smug face of his. Honestly one of the most annoying characters in existence.


09:29 – Why is this library so dimly lit. Probably Rin using magic to put the moves on Shirou.

10:21 – Clever Ufotable. I like how they pushed the conversation while still showing how each of the sigils were weakened. Gives us something more rather than two characters just idly talking to one another. Makes the exposition a little more interesting.

10:56 – You can see the eagerness of Rin to tear apart her enemies on her face.


11:21 – I don’t think Ufotable is that good with cutesy moments. It just doesn’t have the same effect on me like some other shows. I don’t think her character design really fits with the blushing faces well. They did get the tsundere line and face down well though.

13:14 – His condescending tone is actually so obnoxious, but since he is supposed to be like that I have to praise the voice actor. The voice actually makes me hate him so much. Hiroshi Kamiya, well done.

13:53 – I actually watched this slowly to see how many times he rolled over. He actually spun 3 times from Saber’s hit. Very gratifying to watch Shirou get beat up.

14:14 – Does this personality trait remind of you someone? It should, it is exactly like how Shirou acts. Those two are very similar and though it is mainly covered in the Fate route the parallels between them are also drawn in Unlimited Blade Works.


15:14 – I was thinking after watching the wooden plank explode in front of him that if he strengthened the light bulb and screwed up he would seriously hurt himself. I guess that in itself is in character as Shirou is very dumb and oblivious when it comes to himself.

15:25 – I love Saber so much. Instead of getting flustered herself, she causes other people to be embarrassed because she doesn’t even consider a relationship with Shirou is possible. I think more characters should be like this because not everyone should see the main character as a possible mate.


16:51 – I really like the atmosphere they built up to this moment to show off the magic.

17:04 – Flashing a lot of different shots across the screen is difficult to pull off well. On one hand if the images go by too fast then the viewer does not get any information, but on the other hand if it goes by too slowly the viewer gets to see everything. I think this particular take on it was a bit too fast as it was all too quick and it all just blurred together. I didn’t get any information out of this scene.

18:50 – I am not sure if it is the intended effect since it was also in the previous shots of the temple, but the fog displaying the magical power of the land was pretty cool.


19:22 – Very cool subtle effects to represent the boundary that rejects heroic spirits. I like how they did not make it too flashy, yet you could obviously tell how powerful it was when Saber touched it.

20:21 – Shirou’s eye quivering was a nice touch.

20:44 – Ufotable portrayed Caster as the typical villain who tells you their plan before executing it. Then the plan is instantly foiled.


20:49 – What an intense face of pain. More anime need to have stuff like this, because physical pain is just a thing that doesn’t matter in a lot of anime and they just refuse to portray it.

21:46 – Archer really likes female stereotypes.

Yet another set up episode. I guess we can’t have action all the time or it wouldn’t have the same impact. Still I want a bit more excitement or character exploration. Almost all of it was within the first few minutes with Archer speaking to Shirou. Challenging Shirou’s naivety is a major theme throughout all of the routes, but a resolution doesn’t really come until the third route, Heaven’s Feel. He only begins to waver in Unlimited Blade Works. We also got to share in Shirou’s tolerance this episode with him not being angered enough to murder Shinji quite yet. Hopefully next episode!



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