Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 5

This weekend has been a lot of procrastination from me, but at least I got the motivation to keep with this weekly episodic. I have to quickly get to my physics and computer science homework before the midterms so I am going to try to make this quick.

00:04 – Jumping back in with the main theme of heroism here. Do you believe that there is a time limit on being a hero?

00:59 – Cool shot of Shirou’s back and the moon, but the real important point is that we see that his naivety has been part of him since he was young. Probably formed from knowing that his father was a mage and once a “hero”.


02:35 – More beautifully animated food that makes me hungry.

02:45 – Saber is just eating and eating throughout this scene. There must be a black hole in that small stomach.

03:23 – Saber’s small frame does not make her look very threatening. She looks too cute here I think.

03:57 – Rin is absolutely appalled.


04:27 – Issei understands how I feel about these midterms coming up.

06:24 – This was the face I made when I realized we won’t be seeing Mitsuzuri in this episode.

06:50 – I know this line doesn’t matter too much in the Unlimited Blade Works route, but I like how they still have some clues for Heaven’s Feel and Sakura’s story.


07:57 – Another big scene that I remember from the visual novel. Very cool effects with the lighting, making Rin look darker in contrast the brightly lighted background. She feels more threatening that way and has a more sinister motive to go along with it.

09:00 – Rin can cast any spell that is etched on her arm? That’s new I think. I don’t remember that being a part of the magic crest. I just thought the magic crest gave you the power but the user has to learn how to harness it.

09:47 – This is where I find Rin most interesting. She is conflicted between her morals and her goals when usually she very decisive in those regards. Shirou is blurring the lines for her even though Shirou himself is very clear cut in his own moral code.

10:03 – The design for the magic in this show is so cool. I wish I could draw better so I could try making stuff like this.


11:14 – Even though Shirou is a dumbass sometimes, he can still be pretty cool.

12:27 – I can’t even imagine living without one of my arms.

12:56 – Totally disregards the situation at hand to go help someone. Kind to a fault, I would find Shirou one of the most annoying people in real life, but in way you can’t hate him for this particular trait.

13:41 – Tanked one for the team, and inadvertently still gets his arm hurt. I guess the earlier line was a clue, but I am not sure. It doesn’t quite feel right.


13:59 – Of course it doesn’t hurt, I am the main character. Anyways, again just depicting the selflessness that Shirou embodies.

14:12 – I am not sure why they animated this part so weirdly, it just doesn’t fit with the rest of the show’s aesthetic.

14:26 – This servant looks so bad ass in this iteration of Fate/Stay Night. In the visual novel she always felt underwhelming. I mean just look at her!


14:56 – Tits have never been so menacing, and also I really love the voice actor for this servant. Asakawa Yuu does an amazing job of portraying a deadly yet sexy servant.

15:42 – The animation for this particular move was so clean.

15:44 – Look at the terror in Shirou’s face.

16:32 – Rin pouting is actually adorable, more adorable than her “dere” scenes.


17:28 – I am done trying to kill you for the day, maybe some other time.

19:00 – I do not get why a handshake of agreement would cause Rin to be flustered.

20:18 – This conversation had some cool insight into Rin’s personality and how here past with her father in Fate/Zero affected her. Rin’s sense of responsibility is strong, and she felt as if Shirou’s father did not keep his responsibility of properly training Shirou. She also feels jealous as her father treated her as a mage more than a daughter yet Shirou was the opposite.

 21:17 – Poor little Rin :(


21:53 – At the start of this episode we see Shirou looking at the moon after he first establishes his goal of becoming a hero for his father. Here he is again looking at the same moon yet perhaps questioning his own ideals and morals. These particular scenes remind me of Neon Genesis Evangelion as Rei muses about life as she as shown with the moon behind her.

A decent episode this week, but not as impressive as the last two weeks. The exposition was a little weak with a lot of telling us what has happened, while in episode 4 they showed us a lot more. The action was okay, but not nearly as good as the action packed into episode 3. Some pros for this episode include exploring how Shirou and Rin came to be who they are, and the new purple haired servant being sexy. I just wish that Shirou was more perceptive to what was happening around him. As he talks with Rin at the staircase he just does not get the clue. I guess that is why he still doesn’t realize that Sakura likes him. I think the last two episodes got my hopes a little too high as I was a little disappointed and left this episode unsatisfied.



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