Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 3

Sorry this episodic is coming out a bit late. I had quite a bit of homework and my family visited my college this weekend. I was super excited for this week’s episode after all the exposition and explaining of the Holy Grail War in the previous episode. We get to start off with Ufotable animating a fight with Berserker, and we get to learn more about Shirou’s personality. Hopefully the fight will take up the whole episode to make up for the lack of action in the last.

00:09 – Back in the action we have the crew meeting Berserker and Illya for the first time. I have always wondered if it ever got that foggy at night in Japan, because it always seems to be animated that way. I think it is added just for the mystery factor though.

00:12 – I do not like this translation. It totally should be saying brother, she even said onii-chan. Also Illya is a cutie.

00:50 – Nice little nod toward Fate/Zero here as Saber is obviously effected by the name Einzbern. If you have seen Fate/Zero it is obvious why.


02:22 – Rin’s eye’s look so cool here. Like she is peering into stars to see better or something.

03:10 – The way they articulate the movement of invisible things is really appealing. You can still get the feeling that they are unseen, but also can tell what is happening.

03:27 – Look how ominous Berserker looks behind Illya in this frame. Really showcases the power this servant has even before the fight.


03:56 – Berserker kind of looks like a flying meatball with a sword.

04:22 – I wouldn’t even have time to shit my pants.

05:16 – Is it just me or do these type of shots just have a huge change in style. I think it has a little CG but I am not quite sure.

05:32 – Looks like Captain Falcon when he wins in a game of Super Smash Bros, or Neo when he dodges bullets.


06:28 – Literally just tanking everything.

07:19 – I do not mind all of the visual effects for the spells, but it is kind of distracting in the sword fight. Too many bright flashing lights. Overall still a bit better than Fate/Zero in that regard though.

08:25 – The facial expression here is really good. Though I think it would be more effective show of his fear if they removed the background music and it was more silent.

09:18 – I like how they spent the time to show Shirou gathering his conviction to go fight. It really showcases his personality well to the audience.


09:51 – I do not remember this scene in the visual novel. I feel like this kind of spoils some of the surprise, but I guess you got to give some hints. Probably primarily added for those who have already seen Fate/Zero.

10:38 – Every time I see a scene in the church, I just love to look at the lighting and feel of the church. They captured just what I imagined from the visual novel.

11:33 – Does anyone else constantly pause during fight scenes to try to find screenshots for this show?


11:40 – Berserker’s face is so funny sometimes.

12:17 – I think this is one of the few shows where I like the magic fight scenes. In other shows it just doesn’t feel like it carries any weight in the show, while in Unlimited Blade Works it looks extremely good and each magic feels like it has impact.

12:39 – Even Illya’s face looks kind of twisted in this frame.

14:19 – I think this is a great showcase of animation for magic in anime. Here are some other shots from earlier too.


15:45 – These lines are really important for showing Archer’s personality, and become more important later on in the story.

15:51 – I see what you are doing here Ufotable. Nice touch.


16:06 – I can totally see Rin being a Sadist and Shirou being a Masochist in bed.

16:19 – You cannot just die for yourself. You effect the people around you when you hurt yourself. Shirou learning that throughout Fate/Stay Night is one of my favorite parts.

17:18 – The blade of Berserker almost looks like an orange scythe.


18:07 – Saber is such a badass.

19:38 – Yes! all the foreshadowing and clues.

19:56 – Archer’s action scenes seem to be pretty epic so far.


20:13 – Berserker looks as if he is going to be smited by god himself.

20:16 – Hollywood action scene jump away from explosion?

20:32 – Archer is a little too satisfied with almost obliterating a certain someone.

21:29 – You get to see Berserker’s ripped back muscles a lot. Anyways I like how they use the flames in this show to allude to Illya’s connection with the past of Shirou.


21:47 – I don’t like that he had his cute moment of hand holding with Saber, before acting like he was dying. Is that really necessary to add? Can’t he just be almost dying from the beginning instead of having a very childlike reaction to hand holding first.

Definitely the best episode of the season so far. I have very little qualms about this episode, but I do have a little. The fight scenes in this episode in comparison with the prologue and episode 1 just didn’t feel as smooth. We did get a lot more of it this episode to make up for it though. Episode 3 was jam packed with action and blood. It foreshadowed a lot of the plot points that are going to happen later on in the route, while at the same time acknowledging its predecessor, Fate/Zero. As a Nasuverse fan I really enjoyed all of the little things they added, and if you haven’t seen the rest of the Fate universe animated by Ufotable, be sure to re-watch Unlimited Blade Works after paying those a visit. I tried to point all the things I noticed, but if you catch anything I did not find be sure to leave me a comment and let me know. Try not to spoil anything for others though!




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