Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 2

I haven’t been able to watch too much anime this week due to some midterms, but I am glad to have enough time to keep covering Fate/Stay Night weekly. The first episode and the prologue developed the persona’s of Emiya Shirou and Rin Tohsaka. They were entertaining, but as a Fate fan that has already played the visual novel, a lot of the characterization was just known material for me and made me lose some interest. Hopefully we can get into it a little more with episode 2.

00:23 – My friend saw this line as Rin being a jerk, but I thought it was more about how she realizes that Emiya was very humble about himself.

03:01 – lots of exposition for explaining the holy grail war. I do not think this way of explaining the war works well in anime. It fit for the visual novel, but it really breaks the show not tell rule of visual media. Also I find it funny that Shirou kind of just sits there all bloodied and cut up from his fight with lancer.

04:44 – A couple things I noticed in this scene. Shirou’s house is actually enormous, yet his kitchen is super tiny and stuck in one corner of a room. Second thing I noticed was the room warmer, which I want in my own room. The dorms at UT are always super cold.


06:20 – That is exactly what we are saying Shirou. Also, that ass wiggling fan service.

08:00 – popped collar swag.

08:03 – more of the scenery of the city transitions. As much as I like how Ufotable is animating it, I really hope they change up the transitions a little more.


08:07 – Totally not out of place in that raincoat and skirt armor outside of a church at 2 am.

08:58 – Yes the same voice actor for Kotomine. His voice is just so bad ass and fits the character well. I also like the lighting in this shot with the well done CG candles.

12:20 – I really like this frame too. Kotomine is sitting within the light, but because it faces his back he looks very dark. While on the other hand Shirou is standing in the dark side of the church but stands out as very brightly colored because he is facing the light. It also in a way depicts both of their personalities, but I do not want to get into spoilers so enough of that.


13:42 – Ufotable have this thing with the fate series in that whenever a character is just doing exposition to explain  the plot he walks in circles around someone. They used it in one scene in particular that I remember in Fate/Zero. Kind of like how Akiyuki Shinbo does a lot of crazy things with the camera and backgrounds to spice up the dialogue a bit.

16:17 – Shirou is really effected whenever the New Fuyuki Fire is mentioned. He holds the guilt that he was the one who was saved while others were left to die in his stead. I like how Ufotable is really emphasizing the fact with how the kids stared at him in the last episode, and Shirou’s face in this one. I wrote more about it in a different post but it has tons of spoilers on the show so read it after we get through all the episodes.

18:00 – The interesting part about the show, the themes on heroism being added again. Can you really be a hero without a villain to defeat?


19:22 – Exposition completed and goal established, with a little extra confirmation with Saber to boot.

20:30 – More tsundere Rin.

21:29 – There it is again! after establishing the frenemies thing.

21:50 – Yes! back to what we love about Ufotable. The action!


This episode was definitely the most boring of the three so far. Not only was it 20 minutes shorter than the previous episodes, it was also 100% exposition which explained how the Holy Grail War worked. For a Fate veteran such as myself, the explanations are really boring. Some of the information was even covered in previous episode so I do not know why Ufotable decided to keep with the source material and reiterate those facts. The only good part of it was how Kotomine baited Shirou into joining the Holy Grail War, especially with the well timed use of bringing up the New Fuyuki Fire. Overall a pretty mediocre episode with a big cliffhanger. At least we get to start with a fight next episode. Lets get HYPED!



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