Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 1

Man this weekend has been crazy. I went to Austin City Limits, a music festival, over this past weekend and it was a lot of fun. Shout out to my  wonderful sister for buying me these tickets for Christmas! The best show was definitely Eminem, even though in general I dislike rap. I feel like loud and angst filled music just fits better in an outdoor concert setting where even with people yelling you can enjoy the music. For music that has a little more finesse I thought that the concert setting actually detracted from the experience. After getting home from a great series of concerts I just had to end the night by watching Fate/Stay Night with some ice cream and food from Wendys.

The real first episode of Fate/Stay Night. There are definitely going to be some iconic images of the fate franchise in this one, and hopefully they go a little farther than where the prologue stopped.

00:09 – Some of the best computer graphics from Japanese animators, but still not quite up to the level of Disney. I can still see the clashing of styles as I watch the flames burn.

01:29 – If you look really closely you can even see the dust within the shack. Now that’s some attention to detail.

01:47 – I feel as if they accent Sakura’s breasts too much, but damn does she look good. I guess they have to make money to make up for all the animation in this show, but I do not think they will have any problem with that by looking at all the hype surrounding this show.


04:04 – Best from the opening (mainly cause Saber is the best). I enjoyed the opening but it didn’t blow me away or anything. I think the song is called “ideal white” and sung by Mashiro Ayano. I have no idea what else she has sung though.

04:21 – Shirou has really bad push up form.

05:14 – They portrayed Fuji-nee’s personality perfectly in this shot. A lot of energy and fun, with a little deviousness mixed in.

06:09 – Yellow Vespa? FLCL reference perhaps? I don’t remember her having a yellow Vespa in the visual novel.

07:40 – Ufotable is really good at making scenic shots like this, and they just keep coming back to it for transitions.


09:07 – The way they portrayed his ability to look inside of objects and identify what is wrong with them seems a lot cooler in the anime compared to the green lines drawn in the visual novel.

12:17  – This line embodies a lot of why I find Fate/Stay Night interesting.

13:02 – More of those scenic transitions.

13:38 – Definitely a bad translation here. It should say Brother instead of Mister.

16:09 – The real shitty wizard (for all the Dota 2 fans out there).

17:04 – Sakura’s voice actor is nailing it right here.

19:09 – Lots of facial expressions, I am loving it.


20:32 – I do not remember this scene from the visual novel at all. I must not have made the choice to get this part of the story.

21:29 – This face she is making cracks me up.

23:35 – The kids are just staring at them. It must have been so awkward.

24:59 – What an incredibly naive idea. Though with this episode the themes of heroism in this show truly start. Already doing much better than Studio Deen did in portraying this fact.


25:47 – This line really added another perspective for me in the visual novel.

28:36 – Why do anime main characters have to be so oblivious to the feelings of those around them?

29:24 – This was a really cool effect that allowed the transition into school, while still relaying the information on what was happening. Condensing the long visual novel in smart ways.


31:36 – During the whole scene I was just remembering that I hated this scene in the visual novel because I though Shirou was kind of a coward for not challenging Shinji more. Also the lighting was really cool as Shinji and his crew walked off into the darkened hallway as Shirou is illuminated by the light.

33:42 – I thought the whole running up the stairs scene was inspired by Hollywood action flicks. It really fits the moment though.

35:37 – Clues, and foreshadowing of awesome plot twists to come! Try and figure it out if you haven’t played the visual novel yet.

39:02 – You don’t just live for yourself.

39:46 – Probably the most famous image in Fate/Stay Night, and boy did they do it right. The moonlight coming in, the dignity of Saber, and the utter awe on Shirou’s face.


40:37 – Definitely the most well animated fight scenes in anime history. I guess I need to change my 30 Day Anime Challenge one of these days.

42:22 – Wow, just look at Saber’s face. I also love the way that they portrayed Gae Bolg. It was a little confusing the visual novel but I think they did a better job here by animating it.

42:25 – Okay I am just going to link more cool shots of this fight now.

42:53 – The paradox.

45:54 – That evil smile is back.

After watching the ED song I realized the ending has a lot of history from the prequel Fate/Zero and has some clues for the rest of the Unlimited Bladeworks plot. This episode had the first split from the fate route when Shirou used one of his command seals to stop Saber. The episode was a lot more exciting  than the previous episode for me because I got to see a little more of my favorite character, Saber. Thinking back on the last episode I thought it was kind of dull mainly because the characterization for Rin that was being made I already knew about. The same thing was happening with this episode, and Shirou, but I think I was more in the mood to watch it and it seemed a lot better. Either way, definitely a fun episode that is holding up to the hype so far, I just wished the episode went on longer. I am not prepared to only have 22 minutes of show to watch next week.


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