Hanamonogatari 2

Finally getting around to making this. I had to watch Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks to put me in the mood for anime first, but now I am finally watching the 2nd episode of Hanamonogatari. I might do some of this episodic stuff for Fate/Stay Night if I do not feel like sleeping tonight too. Either way lets get started with Hanamonogatari! We left off where Kanbaru realizes that her devil’s arm is gone.

26:31 – Nice bike to represent Araragi, but I always felt that it was his hair that really defined him. That hair always cracked me up and showed conveyed his emotions in an interesting manner.

26:54 – I don’t know why but I find this face and whole gag in general hilarious.

27:19 – Interesting shot here as she looks out into the light and cherry blossoms. Leaving behind the mess of her room and the many bright red books.


27:54 – fetal position surrounded by cherry blossoms blooming. Signifying the start of a new life for Kanbaru.

28:35 – Aw a touching moment for Kanbaru.

29:26 – OMG how did I not notice this last episode. I like how each of the lanes of the track represent each path you could possibly take during your life. Supporting the theme of Kanbaru moving on from her old life and deciding to change. Some cool stuff you’re doing Akiyuki Shinbo.

31:51 – KAIKI IS HERE, and with an awesome new goatee!

33:17 – Quite extreme thoughts for just losing a footrace, but I can understand the sentiment and how Kanbaru feels. Losing at that one thing you thought you were good at makes you feel useless.

33:31 – This is kind of adorable.


34:41 – Contradicting ideals with Numachi, who just escapes from all of her problems. I wonder how these two will clash, and how Kanbaru will decide to act.

35:54 – Nice lighting that actually makes Kaiki look pretty creepy.

38:24 – This dinner they are having is making me hungry. Also I think this idea that you want someone to give you a reason to hate them is pretty absurd.

39:44 – Finally established the connection between Kaiki and Suruga, but I wonder what type of person Suruga’s mother was.

40:58 – Shots fired.

41:52 – All a part of moving forward with your life. What used to be important just becomes distant memories with time.

43:16 – An interesting thought for the next time I start to dislike someone.

43:28 – Okay that was really cool. The whole line where “No character looks the same from all angles” As you get to see Kaiki through a reflection on metal. It also works because Kaiki is seen very differently throughout his own arc in Monogatari second season.


45:09 – We building exodia now?

46:36 – What? How did Numachi plan this all out?

47:13 – Oh she is trying to win the game by collecting Exodia in her hand.

And done with that episode. Sorry for the times being like this if you are watching each episode separately. I am watching it from a file that has all of the episodes combined since this was showed in a 5 episode block. This one was a lot more interesting than the last episode for me. Kaiki is one of the most entertaining characters and I found his talk with Suruga to be very fun even though it was primarily just dialogue. They added a lot of small touches that really define the situation Suruga was in which allowed me to really empathize with her. Like Suruga I had a sport that I had done for many years and then was lost to me as I moved onto college. At first it is no big deal, but after a little while you feel lost. You feel like you don’t know what to do with your life anymore, because that sport was part of what defined you. I am really looking forward to see how she deals with it, and compare it to how I have handled moving forward with my own life.



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