Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 00

There has been a lot of hype about this show recently and I am happy to say that I will be covering each episode of Unlimited Bladeworks. Let me start off by saying that I have played all of the routes in Fate/Stay Night and if they stay true to the source material I know what happens. Hopefully I will avoid spoiling anything as I do a time stamp commentary of each episode. I enjoy ed Fate/Stay Night and do wish that Unlimited Bladeworks will turn out well, but some parts of the Visual novel are difficult to fit in a video form. Ufotable is going to have to do more than just amazing animation to wow me, but I am sure they will at least have that by looking at the previews.

00:23 – Hmm interesting start to the show, alluding to some background information for Rin. I don’t really like the effect they are using here to portray flashback though. Murky like a dream but the choppiness of it all kind of bothers me.


01:15 – Nice framing of the shot and lighting here, really allows Rin to be the center of attention. Rin looks like she is being shined upon by light from god or something.

02:26 – lots of nice looking scenery. Hopefully this will carry over into the fight scenes as well, as the Unlimited Bladeworks route has a lot of action, which suits Ufotable.

03:21 – I just wanted to say that I really love all of the character designs in the show. Some of them are pretty generic, but I think Type-Moon makes good use of color schemes to make them have some extra personality. Glad that Ufotable is continuing their trend.

04:44 – Rin looks so disgusted here and its hilarious, cause I hate the incoming character’s voice.


05:32 – That is a funky looking face. Almost as bad as some of the faces the Major makes in Ghost in the Shell Arise.

05:45 – Burned.

08:00 – Why would you lie to such a cute classmate Rin.

09:11 – The truth comes out.

10:22 – The lighting in this show is actually insane. The floor of in this shot is so well done that you could see the shadows change as the door open and closed.

12:51 – This is the wow me animation I was looking for, and its really impressive. Gave me goosebumps just watching this scene.


13:34 – And the bad ass appears accompanied by some pretty cool music too

15:30 – The banter between Rin and her servant is some of the most fun parts of Fate/Stay Night.

16:52 – I bet people who don’t know anything about the Fate series are really confused about what is happening right now.

18:29 – Rin is kind of cute, but I keep thinking about a little kid who did something wrong and now is being reprimanded for it.


19:54 – Interesting way to portray the mana connection between Rin and her servant.

21:10 – Who actually moves like this in real life? Not sure if it would be as cute in real life either.

22:57 – I find really good, because it foreshadows his blades in a comedic way.

23:43 – Some more pretty scenery. Kind of a slow start that mirrors the Visual Novel. I don’t think it fits anime that well though.

26:10 – This shot is an exact image from the visual novel that just looks a lot better now. I am surprised they copied it so exactly.

26:30 – Wow the sky in this shot looks so amazing. And this one too.


26:39 – Another great shot of the city, this time at night. I really need to wait for the pause icon to go away before taking a screen shot.

28:39 – I totally forgot her absurd reasoning. Join life threatening fight just to win. I really like how they added that gleam in her eyes though.

31:25 – Using the same effect as the dream, but much more sudden. I like its use a lot more here, as it quickly fades away and is primarily used to raise then tension again.

35:48 – Yes! Finally some action, its looking good so far. Wonder how far they are going to take it. It is really hard to get images now though.

35:53 – A really cool effect.


36:06 – Okay this is pretty freaking cool. The sound effects are really doing it for me.

37:06 -How honorable. Honor is something that is constantly challenged within Fate/Stay night.

37:29 – Looks so much like Goku as he is going super saiyan in this shot.


37:45 – This action scene reminds me a lot of Fate/Zero Kuritsugu vs Kotomine, lots of flashing and blurry movements. Overall pretty nice looking though.

38:59 – See the resemblances to Archer with the cleaning tools! Now that’s some clever foreshadowing Ufotable.

40:47 – Casually talks about almost dying.

42:01 – This line embodies all of the pressure Rin puts on herself, and what makes her an interesting character to watch.

44:48 – Finally best girl appears. Get out of the way Rin its time for Saber to shine.


damn pause icon…

Honestly this episode was pretty dull throughout most of it. It has a lot of exposition as expected of a prologue, but I think they could have made it a bit more entertaining. I shouldn’t be complaining though since they followed the source material exactly and I complained that the last adaption of Fate/Stay Night didn’t stay as true as I thought they should. For people who know about what’s happening there are a lot of small details to pick up on, yet there is enough substance to keep some of the newer people watching. A decent episode held up by its prodigious animation but dragged down by its slow start. At least we got a glimpse of everyone’s favorite servant.


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