Musical Monday 28

What a busy semester I am having this year; currently taking 17 hours and got a job to boot. Hopefully even with all of these extra commitments I will still be able to get out some content for you all. I tried to watch the second episode of Hanamonogatari earlier this week but Nyaa has been being DDOSed recently and I wasn’t able to watch it. Hopefully sometime this week I will find time to try again because I think Nyaa is back up. Until then lets listen to some metal.

I have been following Erock for a couple years now and he really loves what he does and makes some great covers for songs with a metal twist. He has a couple of anime openings arranged and I  think you should check them all out. My personal favorite is his arrangement of the first opening from Attack on Titan. Sadly, I have yet to finish the first season of Attack on Titan,  fan boys please don’t eat me alive.

Hiroyuki Sawano’s version already hyped you up before every episode but the intensity is only amplified by Erock. Maybe listening to this on repeat will get me hyped up enough to watch the last couple episodes of Attack on Titan.


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