Episodic : Hanamonogatari 1

Didn’t feel like writing a Musical Monday and inspired by the blog Wrong Every Time and his Sword Art Online time stamped episodic posts, I decided to make some episodic posts of my own. To not keep it too much work I decided to pick a shorter anime that I was planning on watching anyways.

00:02 – Again the Monogatari series pulls out the flashing text which is important to the story but is impossible to read. I really enjoy a lot of aspects of Akiyuki Shinbo’s directing, but I wish he just added it in the background during longer shots so we could actually read it.

00:14 – Strict mother with high expectations I guess? I am glad to be learning about one of the more fun character’s backgrounds finally though. The water effect is interesting, because normally water symbolizes life, purity, and wisdom but in this case it represents nothingness which is implied by the pitch black background.

00:16 – more heavy words that are impossible to read without pausing constantly.

00:23 – confirmed super strict mom, with a little crazy added in.

00:53 – What I can only assume to be Kanbaru framed against the water yet again.  She feels empty and without purpose?

ep1 - 00.53

1:16 – Constantly using spirals and talking about how her father was entranced by Kanbaru’s mother. Spirals used as a symbol of hypnosis to express the extremity of his devotion? She even spoke that they eloped to marry.

1:43 – Being dragged into the darkness.

2:21 – Nice shot here showcasing her new found long hair. Hair length has always represented the burden that person is carrying within Monogatari and in this particular shot it shows how her burden is metaphorically dragging her down.

ep1 - 02.21

2:59 – Camera stop being a pervert. That is only allowed when Araragi is around.

3:50 – Pretty shot, showing Kanbaru moving forward with her life. Cherry blossoms have always seemed to represent new life / moving forward. 5 Centimeters per second also used this theme in combination with cherry blossoms a lot.

5:24 – Enjoyed the opening like I do with most Monogatari songs but it didn’t wow me.

6:04 – He looks so much like Araragi in this one and even has the bike to boot! I don’t know where this is headed at all.

6:48 – I need to learn how to do this. Must install rear view mirrors on bike so that I can look forward while biking backwards.

8:16 – I hope Senjougahara didn’t write this. I don’t want to see her love stricken and needy on the outside even if she is a little bit on the inside.

ep1 - 09.12

9:12 – I LOVE THIS FACE. So surprised the classmate actually said that and even more surprised she thought others didn’t know.

11:03 – Growing shadows as it becomes more and more likely that it is Suruga, just like her growing burden. But I actually think it won’t be her, because everything is pointing toward her. Common thing about mystery in Television is trying to avert the correct conclusion to create more surprises.

11:23 – WTF happened before Araragi  graduated to make it like this!!

ep1 - 11.59

11:59 – Karen is so damn cute.

13:41 – Why are there crop circles on the ground?

16:56 – Cool staircases here. Shaft always entertains me with how they create their backgrounds so the dialogue can keep running without it getting too boring.

17:33 – Literally in the middle of nowhere.

ep1 - 17.46

17:46 – She knows the lesson that so many other characters had to learn throughout the rest of the Monogatari series. Interesting.

18:01 – Half the reason why charity makes us feel better. Sometimes I donate money just so I can feel better about myself. Does that make me a worse person ?

19:12 – I feel that Kanbaru was in the wrong for slapping her there. Though she revels in other people’s misfortune, Rakou is not the one that causes it.

19:59 – they are standing on a basketball court that is surrounded by tractors. Akiyuki Shinbo how do you even think of this stuff. Are the tractors supposed to lift their problems away or something? Not really getting it here.

ep1 - 20.59

20:59 – Awkward… What would you do in that sort of situation?

21:23 – As time moves on the minor problems in your life seem to just disappear as you stop worrying about them. Kind of relates to what Ougi was talking about earlier how the past and future are seen in a negative light.

22:14 – Sinking into the darkness again.

22:25 – I think that this is unhealthy way to deal with your problems.

22:51 – No. please continue.

23:56 – Another pretty shot. Limitless sky, Limitless future.

ep1 - 23.56

24:19 – And here the sky is reflected in the water. With time, the emptiness within Kanbaru (probably due to the lack of araragi and Senjougahara) can be filled by what comes in the future.

24:54 – Maybe the mom isn’t an asshole.

25:35 – What a cliffhanger. Also Kanbaru’s face with the gravity defying hair!

That is it for episode 1. I like the direction it is heading and I really like that empty filling they were trying to get across. Everyone has felt that before when they leave something significant behind, whether that be friends, family or even just high school itself. I remember having that feeling when I left high school and to fill that void I looked to the future, which for me was college. I left some of my friends behind and for a while you kind of feel like you are missing something. Though they kind of presented an answer, it did not really feel complete. Which is great, because there are quite few more episodes to give it clarity. I will try to watch the next episodes quickly but alas class has started. Hopefully it will not take too long for me to finish this series.


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