Musical Monday 27

Just moved back into Austin and am ready for the new semester. Hopefully I will have more time to blog than I did in the spring semester where I rarely posted. Today I am going to take more music from anime in the current summer season.

Aldnoah.Zero was supposed to be the best of the season with an all-star cast creating it. Writing from Gen Urobuchi, Direction from Ei Aoki, and music composed by none other than Hiroyuki Sawano. Though it has been upstaged by Shinichiro Watanabe and Yoko Kanno in Teror in Resonance, Aldnoah.Zero is still enjoyable and considerably better than your average anime. It easily builds up excitement and has yet to fall into the trap of being too edgy without substance to back it up.

If you aren’t familiar with Sawano’s other works I point you toward Gundam Unicorn, Guilty Crown, Attack on Titan and Kill la Kill. All with above average soundtracks though I enjoyed Guilty Crown’s in particular over the others mentioned.


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