Fate/Stay Nosgoth

I haven’t posted much in that last 2 weeks and I apologize for that. I have been busy writing a term paper and studying for classes. That is no excuse to not post though because in reality my extra time has been spent playing the visual novel Fate/Stay Night and a new game Nosgoth.

Most people in the anime community have heard of the Fate/Stay universe and what it entails, but for those who do not know. Fate/Stay is a supernatural universe where Mages inhabit the world unbeknownst to the rest of the plebeian community. They live in hiding where their goal in life is to reach the Origin. A place where the absolute truth exists. Their world also contains other supernatural things such as Death perception eyes and other mystical powers.

Having completed every arc in Fate/Stay Night and seen almost every anime adaption out so far, it is safe to say my favorite character is still Saber. Her cool and controlled demeanor that is only phased by Shirou is fun to watch. I especially enjoy it that there is a defined reason that Saber is jarred by Shirou, because it is the first time in awhile that she was considered as  a woman. Though I think she was more dignified in Gen Urobuchi’s Fate/Zero, but I think that is due to how the juvenile romance played out in Fate/Stay Night. All in all I still enjoy most of the stuff that is within the Fate/Stay universe and am seriously hoping that Ufotable’s adaption of Fate/Stay Night in the fall is as amazing as I think it will be. I will be doing an individual post for the analysis of Emiya Shirou when I find the time, so look forward to that.


Nosgoth is a game that is kind of a mix between Left 4 Dead and Natural Selection. Its vampire vs. humans with the wall jumping of Natural Selection. My friends got me into the beta with them and it is a lot of fun. We got a group of 4 because each game is 4v4 deathmatch style. Games last 2 rounds, 10 minutes each, where a team gets to alternate between being the humans and the vampires. You either get to 30 points first or the time runs out, to determine the winner you just take the sum of the 2 rounds and whoever has the most points wins. Overall, lots of fun, but I want to see the direction they take it during the beta before recommending it. Right now it has a free to play model with buying different classes and an item system similar to Team Fortress 2.


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