Dota 2 + Blogroll

My weekend has mainly been compromised of two things. Work for summer classes and Dota 2. I rather not talk about the classes so lets move on to Dota 2.

The International 4 has been a great event overall but the finals severely disappointed me. All of my favorite teams ( Evil Geniuses / Cloud 9 ) had already been eliminated and the Chinese final between Newbee and Vici Gaming was plain boring. Each game was a stomp with one team attaining an insurmountable lead early in the game and ending the game quickly. The last game Newbee won versus Vici Gaming within 15 minutes and there was never any tension because you could clearly see that Newbee was going to win. Newbee ended up getting the over 5,000,000 $ first place prize winning over Vici 3 to 1.

On the bright side for me in the Dota 2 world, I have gained 200 MMR on my road to 5k MMR and am currently residing at 4604. If I win every game that would only be 16 games until 5000.

Last little update is about the Blogroll I just created. You can access it at the top right and check out my 3 favorite anime blogs. Make sure to check them out and give them some support.


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