International Hype

Sorry for being unable to post recently. The last week I was at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina for a family reunion and unfortunately where we stayed did not have wifi. With some time away from the computer I got to do things I don’t normally do such as go outside and being physically active. Each day that it didn’t rain I went to play tennis with my father in the morning and went to the beach in the afternoon. I also went shopping a couple of times but did not really find anything I liked. Overall the trip was a lot of fun, but I am excited to get back to blogging. To celebrate my return I have changed my theme to something I liked a little bit more that allowed me to add the dash appropriately to the blog name to become Dang-Tran Dynasty without it looking weird.


There are two events in particular that I want to talk about before I go back to talking about anime on Dang-Tran Dynasty. The World Cup and the Dota 2 tournament the International. Lets start with the former, I watched most of the games last week at the family reunion and I really appreciate sports more when watching it with other people. The excitement is just not there when watching by yourself. I am personally cheering for Argentina in the finals on Sunday mainly because I enjoy the story line of Messi and can obviously tell that he doesn’t dive to pull fouls. I also feel bad for what happened to Brazil on Wednesday, but it really showed Germany’s strength. I am hoping for a 2-2 game that goes all the way to penalty kicks.


I may have said this before but Dota 2 is my favorite game and I doubt anything will ever take its place. Now The International is the biggest e-sports tournament in history with a prize pool of over 10 million dollars. I am so excited to be watching the start of the past 2 days and want to thank Valve for making a sequel to Dota. I will be rooting for Cloud9 and the American teams, Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses. Hoping to see more innovative strategies from the teams and close games.


3 thoughts on “International Hype

      • I guess it makes a big impact having some best players out. I remember playing soccer and having our B team best player out. She was my best friend as well. We lost the game. The coach told me to be as good as her, to take over. I was pretty annoyed she got injured =P


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