1 Year Anniversary

So apparently 1 year ago today is the day that I first created this blog under some other name that I don’t remember. I didn’t have the exact date down so I wasn’t planning on writing this post, but I guess here it goes. Over the year I have written about a variety of anime and developed some types of posts I could fall back on when I was running out of ideas. The Musical Mondays, and reviews fall under this category. As much fun as those are, this year I am looking to diversify and write more reflections and analysis. Lastly I am thinking of looking to try out episodics where I follow a series and write a post about each episode. I am trying to work out the details  for a test run in the summer season, and after I figure it out I will probably pick a series from the fall season and follow through with it for the show.

Now that talking about all the upcoming content is done lets take time to review what has happened over the past year.


  • Most Views on 1 Day – 40
  • Most Popular topic – Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Country that Views Most – United States
  • Number of Posts – 77
  • Number of Followers – 39
  • Number of Comments – 128

The day I got the most views was June 1st with the help of some publicity by Ninety’s Blog and my most popular content, the 30 Day Anime Challenge. It makes sense that the most popular topic is Neon Genesis Evangelion because I wrote the most posts about Evangelion than anything else. Nothing unexpected for country that views most either since I purposefully post things at times when Americans will be surfing the internet, after dinner before sleep.

I was surprised by the number of posts I made but after thinking about it I made many musical Mondays and then there are the 30 posts from the challenge. Only 39 followers though, in the coming year I hope to increase the post quality and hopefully that will lead to getting more followers as well. 128 comments with 27 of them by me. Hopefully I will garner more interaction with my viewers in the coming year. Before I end this post I want to have a shout out to blogs that I learned from, inspired me, and to the people who supported my blog. So a thanks to Nintey’s Blog, Sindyblue10, Bobduh, Shocked and The Otaku Judge.


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